dear hancock gift wrap + cards

by Grace Bonney

I’ve always loved painters’ palettes. When I was in college and struggling through a watercolor class, I used to stare with the most intense (but appreciative) envy at one of my classmate’s palettes. He was so talented with his watercolor work that even his palette was a work of art. I loved seeing all the little combinations of colors and tiny swatches of blues and greens that would eventually create the lake we were all painting. There was something about that process before the artwork was made that always felt equally (if not more) important than the final work. The team at Dear Hancock was inspired by a love of the same process and created a set of cards and gift wrap with a painter’s palette style. Using their own color studies and palettes as inspiration, they created two color options (warm and cool) in card and gift-wrap form. I’m partial to the red palette, but you can check them all out (and read about the process) right here. xo, grace

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