caitlin mociun + baggu

I’m officially a Baggu hoarder. Seriously. I cleaned out my closet to prepare for the book tour (Verdict: I need to stop buying so many stripes.) and found a sad forgotten pile of Baggu bags in the back corner of my closet. With those rediscovered bags added to the pile, I think my total comes to 15 bags. Where will I use all those bags? I have no idea. But they’re great for groceries, craft supplies or lugging just about anything else around. I’m tempted to toss Ms. Jackson in one just to see if it works for animals, too. I’m pretty sure it won’t, but they enjoy being toted around in backpacks with the top unzipped (really, they do), so I’m dying to see if she prefers sticking her head outside of a Baggu instead. Although based on the stink eye she’s giving me right now, I think the answer is “NO.”

Baggu launched a new collaboration today with Brooklyn designer¬†Caitlin Mociun. Caitlin designed four custom prints for Baggu, which were turned into zipper sets and shoulder/arm bags. I love the electric colors; they’ve got Amy Azzarito written all over them. She’s made neon her summer fashion statement, so I have a feeling I’ll see these skating over to my house soon. You can check out and pick up all of the new Mociun/Baggu bags online right here. xo, grace


I had been meaning to buy some Baggu bags for a while and now I’ve seen these I’ll have my own little hoard going!


We used to have a cat named Caesar who loved being carried around in plastic shopping bags, doubled bagged of course since he was enormous. So funny.

These bags are sweet! I’ll be checking them out. Thanks.


I loooooove them too. And yet I never seem to have one when I go to the grocery store. Sigh.

brigid rose

These are the ONLY reusable bags that I consistently manage to remember to bring with me whenever I’m out shopping. Not only are they chic and durable, but they fold down and can easily be kept in your purse. I always have at least two (one large, one small) with me at all times for the simple reason that they are so convenient! Best reusable bags out there!


Love love love!! I adore baggus and my stash comes pretty close to yours. They are easy, stylish, and so convenient. I’m going to be snatching one of these new ones up in a heartbeat! Thanks for the tip!

Jenny N.

Yeah, you and me both. My total count is 23 and it’s about to be 25 based on what I see here!! BAGGU = Addiction.


I love that mociun is collaborating with baggu. I’ve always wanted to order some of these bags and this is the perfect excuse. The site is stunning, especially the photographs in


Amazing patterns and such durable bags! My friend has had one for years with no problems!

Rachel M

Too many BAGGU bags means there needs to be a D*S giveaway! haha! I have been meaning to buy a bunch of BAGGU bags for a seriously long time now… so this looks like the perfect opportunity to score some amazing designs.