butterflies and moths

I’m not normally a big butterfly person, but ever since we did the butterfly dome project with Amy and Jessica for Design*Sponge at Home, they’ve started to grow on me. These colorful new butterfly and moth prints are from Shay and Jeff at Bee Things (you can see their awesome Dallas home right here). Each of their limited-edition prints was inspired by a real life moth or butterfly, enhanced in larger scale to show off its coloring and pattern. You can pick up one of Jeff and Shay’s new prints right here for $40 each. xo, grace

Jesse Lu

I was in the same anti-butterfly boat for so long. I thought it was way cheesy. But let me say, my whole view has shifted since moving to New Mexico. There is something incredible about watching butterflies the size of birds float by you in the morning sun as you drink your morning coffee. My love has totally been rekindled and these prints look awesome because of it. I’m really into the gray and yellow one- sharp.


My niece’s name is Vanessa, which means butterfly, so she would totally appreciate this. And to think that butterflies have the intricacy of a snowflake is just amazing.


I think it was The TrendCurve where I read that butterflies were gaining momentum in popularity. I wasn’t too excited until I saw that last print. Nicely done.
Happy to see you’re coming to town on the book tour.


Love how these are inspired by actual butterfly markings. They’re so bright and beautiful!


These are sooooo beautiful. And you know, I’m not really a butterfly person myself. Probably because my mother is oddly obsessed for them for some reason. She really like metallic butterflies. I don’t know why, but I’m definitely going to send her this post so she can take a look at some really stylish and artistic butterfly prints.


So pretty! These remind me of my Grandma who has a butterfly collection pinned up in her family room :)


I do really love butterflies since i was a kid, and these three butterflies here are so amazing.. love to stared at them like they are just around me… love this post a lot…


I like how simple the designs are. They make butterflies seem more sophisticated and grown up. I think my husband wouldn’t mind me putting them up in our house (and that is saying something)! They are beautiful!

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

These are so stunning. Just beautiful. And how perfect to hang on to a bit of summer when the leaves blow off trees, the wind picks up and the snow begins to fall ;)

Mary Grace Thomas

So glad to know about these beautiful butterfly prints from Beethings – two of my favorite artists! I have several of their bird prints in my home and love, love them. Jeff and Shay are super sweet and talented!


I was lucky enough to see these in person, and I have to say these photos don’t do justice to the beauty of the prints. Amazing detail, amazing color saturation – I’m looking forward to having one in my home.