before and after

before & after: flower shop renovation

by Kate Pruitt

Has anyone noticed how many beautiful independent flower shops are popping up around the country? There was this gorgeous NYC studio renovation by Poppies & Posies; this beautiful floral studio that Sarah shared with us just a couple weeks ago; and now another lovely rustic flower boutique from Kristen and Katherine of Root 75. The pair has brought a wonderful breath of fresh air to the space, which started as a defunct carpet shop. I love the mix of dark jewel tones, rustic wood and clean, fresh styling. Lovely work, ladies! — Kate

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Time: 6 weeks (plus months of planning)

Cost: $7000

Basic Steps: First, we started tearing down the heavy wood racks bolted to the wall to hold the old carpet samples. We weren’t unhappy to give that job to our husbands. Then the 80s forest green carpet was pulled up, then the checkered linoleum (which I secretly liked) and then the beautiful light wood with grey grain floor was laid. We’re in a beach town, and the floors look like they’re made of driftwood!

Plumbing for our sink was installed, walls were painted, light fixtures hung (one new, one from our friend’s garage) and new outlets added. Then we got to lug in the stainless steel tables for our work station and all the furniture we’ve been collecting over the last year, like the center table my husband rescued from the garbage, sanded the spit out of and painted with chalkboard paint so we can display our flowers and write their names next to them.

Our floors were expensive, and the electrician about three times as much as we’d budgeted. But we used an old ladder my mom had and cut up an old bench to create a giant shelving system. We thought we’d paint ourselves but came to our senses and hired someone to do it. So, somewhere along the line our costs sort of evened out. Sort of.
Our best advice is to stay true to your vision. Let go of the things you can’t control, but don’t be afraid to be stubborn and picky about the rest. If you’re trying to let something speak for you, it had better be saying just what you want it to. And you’re the one who has to look at it every day! You’d better love it. — Katherine


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