before and after

before & after: elegant bathroom makeover

by Kate Pruitt

My friends tease me for this, but I will go on record as saying that I think the bathroom should definitely receive the most love and consideration when renovating a home. I’ve seen scores of inspirational bathrooms, but this extensive renovation by graphic designer and illustrator Anile Prakash comes close to my vision of a dream bathroom. Heavy on the clean and fresh tile with minimalist white fixtures and rustic, warm wood accents — yep, pretty dreamy. Beautiful job, Anile! — Kate

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See more of Anile’s gorgeous bathroom makeover after the jump!

Time: 3 months

Cost: $15–20K

Basic Steps: Our basic steps to achieve the look included spending months (years, really) planning and dreaming of every possible layout and analyzing what our needs were. Poring over our inspiration book (a blank sketchbook I bought at an art supply store) where I would paste in photos from magazines and online images that I printed out. Many, many visits to tile and fixture stores and antique and second-hand stores leaving empty-handed to mull things over, returning to take measurements, making lists, eliminating choices, and on and on.

Our advice is not to rush into anything. Renos are an exercise in patience and perseverance. Plan for months ahead of time. Be prepared for daily decision-making, frustrations, unexpected delays and expenses and many inconveniences, such as showering at friends’ and families’ homes, inconceivable messes and disruptions and having strangers in your house all day long. Finally, try to limit your on-trend selections to items that are easily replaceable such as accessories, hardware, lighting, etc. Resist the temptation to use lower quality/less expensive materials because they will last half the time they should. Wherever possible, try to make environmentally responsible choices that are within your budget. — Anile

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  • Omg.

    This is incredible. I think my jaw hit my keyboard. If this is the bathroom I want to see what the rest of the home looks like!

  • The bathroom is without a doubt, very beautiful. My only issue with it would be the fact that there is no place in the shower to put soap/razors/scrubby things. It would be a shame to have such a beautiful shower with a hanging basket to hold all your products… A shelf or nook would have completed this space.

  • That is cool.When you doing a design,what is the first thing that needed to be considered?

  • Beautiful! I especially love the dresser made into a vanity. Would you mind sharing your source for the sink?

  • Wow, what a change! Love the chest under the sink and the chandelier over the tub. Great mix of materials, too!

  • This is gorgeous! I love a little wood in the bathroom….just takes the edge off all the marble and porcelain and adds so much warmth, texture and character. Great remodel.

  • The finished product is sooooo lovely and inspiring…but before and after? This is a complete re-do, so the before relates very little to the after. I mean, it’s not even recognizable. It is akin to showing a “before” picture of an empty field and an “after” of a new house….why not just post it as a nice inspiration piece?

  • I love white bathrooms. To me, a bathroom (especially a master bathroom) should be sleek and elegant. I adore the addition of a sparkly chandelier and wood tones to the room. There isn’t much about this bathroom I would change. Gorgeous.

  • Ahhhh! Best transformation ever? My brother also did the “dresser into a sink” in his bathroom and it’s just lovely. I agree about bathrooms needing a high percentage of the renovation love.

  • Such a beautiful renovation! The space planning in the before photo makes me cringe, but they did a beautiful job in maximizing the space. love.

  • Wow! This is absolutely fantastic! And you could have a bathroom like this in a modern house or an old house filled with antiques. It really fits in with any style. I have an antique dresser with marble top and mirror. The only problem is it has two doors in front of the drawers, and my bathroom is quite narrow. So I still can’t put no use to it in my modernized late sixties house. But this bathroom certainly gives me some other ideas!

  • It’s funny, I look at the before and think this is any suburb USA. I look at the after and I think these wealthy people live in a huge Tuscan villa and all of this is entirely unattainable. You ‘maximized the space’ by tearing out a wall, right? Can I ask what the space was before? Those marble tiles are magnificent! They don’t even look grouted. Source?

  • So gorgeous. I love the combination of old, aged wood and crisp clean marble and white. I have a special place in my heart for old five-panel doors. Maybe one day I’ll re-do all of mine. Very beautiful.

  • Yes, a wonderful change. As a kitchen and bath designer, I feel so lucky to do befores and afters all the time!

  • I am in LOVE with this bathroom. But I wish there were more details as to how this bathroom came about! Like, where did the extra space come from? The brick wall?? This post needs more info because it’s so amazing. Simply saying that renos take a long time is not enough.

  • Gorgeous! Love how the chandelier and wood add just the slightest touch of complexity and warmth to the clean, minimal white and gray.

  • Hi everyone! Wow thank-you so, so much for all the lovely comments!! And thank-you to Design*Sponge for featuring our project!! This was a real labour of love and we’re super proud of it. I’ll try and answer all the questions here:

    – The tiles on the floor are marble – little sugar-cube sized sparkly mosaic squares
    – The tiles (and most of the fixtures) are from Ciot
    – The sink is by Porcher (and so is the toilet, if anyone wants to know ;)
    – The paint colour is Genesis White by Benjamin Moore

    There was actually a plan to add a shelf for our shower items but I hadn’t managed to source the one we wanted yet. Our contractor advised against a “nook” in the shower (the less chances for water to get in, the better) so despite loving the look, we decided not to put one in.

    The reno: Incredibly, the space is almost exactly the same square footage, except we took over a skylight well that used to be closed off before (where the shower went). We also pushed the wall back by the tub, but that was just empty space in the wall that we decided to take advantage of. It’s pretty crazy how terrible the space planning was beforehand, and how big the space was once we tore everything out. The brick wall was exposed when we gutted the room (it is a shared wall with the next building over) and while we had originally planned to re-drywall and then tile that wall, we decided that the brick was a very economical compromise and left it exposed (but we painted it) – a very happy adjustment along the way :)

    Happy to answer any other questions!! Thanks so much :)

  • Lovely makeover. Pricetag is a bit OUCH though. I don’t know that I could ever justify spending more on my bathroom than I did on my car.

    • The price tag is actually a bit low as we did most of the work ourselves. As far as justifying the expense… Consider how much depreciation the car suffers vs. the bathroom. One loses money and the other makes it.

  • Oh. my. gosh. This is hands down one of my favorite ever bathroom re-dos. Thanks for sharing it!!! What an inspiration!

  • the shoooooowwwwweeeeerrrrrr!!!! The shower the shower the shower!!! The light well in the shower!!! and the shower!!! OH man….. I will dream of it at night! What a nice experience showering in that shower with all that lovely natural light shining down on you in the mornings must be!

  • So I was scrolling down this post and the first words out of my mouth: “Holy crap”. I am so in love. This is gorgeous. Truly amazing, Thank you. I am blown away and envious

  • I love everything but the chandelier above the bathtub. Nice fixture and great tub but not together. No.

  • It’s beautiful, but is it functional? Where is all the necessary stuff for showering….and living?

  • Love this bathroom! The light and tile and everything is amazing. I’ve always wondered about showers without doors and curtains though. How do you keep things dry? Do you have to wipe down the floor everytime you shower? Does the water stay in because the shower is larger?

  • It’s lovely but she might rue not having got the tiles all even in the shower when the orange algae arrives.

  • Wow, this bathroom is just amazing. I am very curious where you found the wall lights on the mirror. I’ve been looking for something like that but haven’t found any (affordable) yet.

  • It’s the juxtaposition of the materials that really make this for me… the luxurious polished marble against the humble whitewashed brick wall, the warm wood tones against stark white paint & the clinical mirrored cabinet & the opulent chandelier… perfect!

  • It’s the juxtaposition of the elements of this room that really make it for me… the luxurious marble aginst the humble white brick wall, the warm wood tones against the stark white paint & the functional cabinet in the same space as the opulent chandelier. It’s all pulled together really well. Perfection!

  • Absolutely FABULOUS!!! The sink and chest are so terrific and the toilet is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen, especially as it doesn’t have those “intestines” underneath. Thanks for posting who makes it, etc. Love, love, love!

  • Wow, I love this transformation so, so much and it’s giving me much inspiration. We’re hoping to add a couple of skylights or tubes in our upstairs bathroom, and I was hoping to do one over the bathtub area. Leaving the brick exposed {and beautifully painted} was spot on!

    And yeah, I agree that bathrooms should get extra special love and attention!

  • Thanks everyone! Jaimie, spending more on your bathroom than your car is one of the best things you could do. (well, okay, I guess it depends on the car ;) If we’re talking about an ordinary car, you could never sell your car in a few years for twice (or more) the price you paid for it. Definitely worth a lot of research depending on where you live to determine how much you should spend, but it’s a pretty solid investment that can ensure not only a profit but also the quick sale of your place.

    Purse & Clutch, agreed. A chandelier in my bathroom wherever I live forever after :)

    Catherine, yes! Showering with the morning sun coming down was totally dreamy. The natural light in there was amazing, we went from not being able to enter without turning on the light, to it becoming one of the brightest rooms in the apartment!

    Krista, it is so much more functional than our old bathroom every was – our vanity has tons of storage, there’s a giant pharmacy on the opposite wall, and we created a nook around the corner from the toilet that’s full of shelves. I’m glad that it’s not very visible but we had tons of storage and functionality.

    Kristen, we were still deciding between a curtain or a glass door – although the water stayed in for the most part, yes we used a curtain to shower :)

    Mrswoo I’ve never experienced orange algae, but the tiles are natural stone so it’s normal that they aren’t all identical and that there is some uneven-ness there. We did put in some serious membrane work underneath to make it water-tight and the grout is thick and fills in all the gaps. With care, it should last for many years.

    Rosan, the wall lights are from Restoration Hardware! We were really happy with them. Wait for a sale and then order online :)

  • beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. would love to see the rest of the house. if it’s anything like the house, oh my goooodness.

  • Anile,

    This is so beautiful–I think I’d never come out of the bathroom. Can you tell me where the shower head/fixture is from? I’ve been looking for one just like that (with a hand shower connected to the stationary normal head) for a while. The perfect thing for bathing our new baby on its way!

  • This really is breathtaking! I am in the process of re figuring my bathroom
    now. It is hard because it is the only full bath in a four bedroom farm house
    and it is broken up so that more people can utilize it at a time which I think
    I really need to continue..the question is how to do that and still create a place
    for retreat which is what this remodel you have showcased does! Like someone
    else said the mix of marble, wood and glass is great!
    I was wondering what kind of tub that is? I was originally going to use a claw foot
    tub, but I think the space is too small. This one you have still has that bit of age..
    take care

  • like what others have already said, the “after” literally blew me away. I was knocked away from my computer screen by its beauty!

  • I think this is the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen. Perfect in every way. I love that it is at once understated and functional yet GORGEOUS and luxurious. Do you mind if I copy it? Truly amazing.

  • lots of pretty touches, too bad you couldn’t find a way to create more of a separation between the toilet and the bathtub. an ongoing problem in american bathrooms, imo.

  • Whoops sorry for the delay, I was trying to track down the name of the tub but I’ve had no luck. We found it by browsing the catalogs at Ciot, so if you bring a photo to your bath store I’m sure you’ll be able to track a similar one down. Don’t forget to find out whether your floor needs to be reinforced if you get a cast iron tub!

    The shower fixture is by Perrin & Rowe, same as the tub and sink fixtures. We love the slightly steampunk look of our shower! And the quality is excellent.

    The chandelier was a vintage find so – I’m sorry I can’t help more with that ;)

    Thanks so much again, we really appreciate all the lovely comments and are tickled pink to have been able to share this with you!!

  • lovely. :) and i love that you emphasized how long you spent considering your design choices. we see so many renos that happen in the span of 2 hours/days/weeks. in life, beauty is worth the thought, worth the effort, worth the wait. congrats on a job well done.

  • Great project – the time spent must have been worth the wait. A cute garden stool would work well to hold the small items like razors.

  • My eyes went @@!!!!!!! I am in love. Super. I love it when there’s a shower away from the tub so one can get get tidy before a soak.

    Thank you for sending this in. Incredinle job. Congrats.

  • Wow! There are so many wonderful words to describe this, but seriously, wow, comes to mind every time I go back and look! I am always drawn to all white…I adore white painted brick, the warm wood shelves and the chandelier are divine.

  • Anile,
    Your bathroom design is superb and you have a beautiful name by the way! My current bathroom has a similair layout to your “before version”. It’s so cramped. I would love to do something similiar. This just is classic, clean and distinguished. Would you mind sharing your bathroom dimensions, so I can see if a similiar layout would be possible? Thanks for sharing an amazing renovation!

  • wow Anile. this is a breathtakingly beautiful bathroom, and i would love to try to recreate in parts. am trying to see- is there mirrored vanity on the wall opposite the mirrored wall above the sink? did yo do that to bounce that light around, and would that double mirrored wall work in a much smaller bathroom?
    also, what is the metal finish on your shower rods, faucets etc? are they all the same?
    also, am particularly interested in your shelves- what are the dimensions of the shelves, what wood are they, and what stain did you use? were you trying to match them to the sink cabinet? and is the middle one different and why? really, this bathroom is just an ideal mix of everything fabulous! great job!

  • Hi, sorry if this has been answered, but can you tell me brand/color name of floor tile, wall marble tile, and what kind of countertop – it looks like quartz maybe? Am trying to achieve something similar, but not sure how to pick tile that would not be slippery – is this slippery? Really gorgeous, thank you so much.

  • Hello there!! Thank-you so, so much for the ongoing comments! I will try to answer your questions as well as I can:

    – The wood shelves are reclaimed wood and were made by a talented friend and arborist – I don’t know what his process was in terms of cutting and staining, nor what kind of wood he used, but we’re really thrilled with his hard work. They are about 2.5-3 inches thick and a good 4+ feet wide. We wanted them to resemble the vanity’s wood tone somewhat but we don’t mind at all that they aren’t an exact match.

    – Angie, the dimensions of the room are approximately 9×10 but it’s pretty irregular – I hope that helps somewhat!

    – Shani, yes there is a mirrored pharmacy opposite the mirror above the sink. It was a rather large and bare-looking wall so putting the pharmacy there just made sense to us – we really wanted the feel of an unbroken expanse of mirror across the entire length of the wall above the sink and the toilet. A double-mirrored wall can work to your advantage, too (I just open the pharmacy door and angle it so I can see what the back of my head looks like when I need to blowdry :) The metal finish is polished nickel – I like polished chrome too, but nickel feels warmer in such a white space.
    – Ellen, there is no brand name for the tile, but I can confirm that it is all natural marble (same with the vanity countertop, which came included when we bought the vanity). The floor isn’t slippery at all, mostly because all the grout between the mosaic tiles gives you lots of grip.

    Hope that helps, thanks and take care! Good luck to all the reno adventurers!

  • I absolutely love this bathroom! The chandelier is a great accent to the room..not to mention the bath tub is stunning!

  • Was there an existing brick wall behind the original or is that a faux wall thats been white washed?

  • The brick wall was already there, but it meant hours of filling the gaps with mortar repair caulking in order to avoid drips with the paint. The first coat of paint was foundation repair paint (chalky primer) and the last three coats was Benjamin Moore CC40 (cloud white)

  • i love that tub so much… could you share who makes it? this is the most beautiful bathroom!

  • this is such a beautiful bathroom! I found it while looking for inspirations for the design of my own bathroom

  • Very well planned. I love the matching wall faucets. Can you tell me: the shower hardware used in the last image? Is this a set, or did you purchase each piece separately? Thank you.

  • Bathroom looks Wonderful and full of Charm :) Mine is almost done, still looking for that perfect little chandelier.. thanks for sharing..

  • What an absolutely gorgeous bathroom!!

    I know this is an old post but Anile, we are building a house and one of the bathrooms is quite similar to yours!

    Would you mind giving me the dimensions from the end of the tub to the beginning of the shower and the dimensions for the front of the tub to the toilet?

    Thank you!

  • Beautiful! I’m wondering about the shower. Did you do a bump- out of some king or was it a closet? thank you!