before & after: dining room makeover

I’ve always wanted an actual dining room, but its never quite come to fruition yet. I’m in love with the idea of turning a random room into a fresh, beautiful dining space with a small table and floating shelving, just like Sibylle has done here. The space cost her next to nothing; just some elbow grease and creative planning. The DIY mason jar chandelier is pretty cool, and the hanging chairs are a perfect way to maximize space. Great job, Sibylle! —Kate

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Read more about Sibylle’s dining room makeover after the jump!

Time: 1 day

Cost: $3 for hardware (everything else was on hand)

Basic Steps: First we painted the walls, cut the wood for the window bar and painted them. I previously made a chandelier out of an old pulley I wanted to hang above the table. We just placed the already existing furniture, used an ikea desk as a dining table, because it was much more narrow than our old table, hang the mirror and decorated with fleamarket finds (candle holder and folding chairs) I once purchased.

My advice is don’t get unmotivated because you have a small space! You can do anything, just put your mind to it! There is tons of inspiration on the web, soak it all in and come up with your own unique space! —Sibylle

ana isabel

so lovely. This make over made me chuckle because the before picture looks like someone just crashed there for the night. Lovely room now :)


Absolutely love the light fixture… and is that a bicycle wheel?!! I can totally picture it as a back patio light fixture hanging over a summer bbq.


wait a minute, I can’t believe alarms didn’t go off as soon as this was posted. It’s AMAZING, my all time fav makeover/DIY. Love the juxtaposition of rough and refined in the chandelier, love the hanging chairs, really love the use of the window for barware, amazed that total cost was $3. Good grief, it’s incredible. Sibylle, thi sis more than just checking out the web, you’re a small space genius. write a book. seriously


What a change! I love the chandelier! I think the tall mirror makes the space look bigger than it actually is

Neahle Ize`

Very clever use of space and the end result is incredibly charming. I do love the DIY chandelier and the shelving/pass-through. The windows make it very bright, it must be a beautiful nook for breakfast in the summer.


love the window shelves. I did something similar once in an apartment with deep windows for potted plants. The glassware feels very romantic. lovely.


super creative chandelier and i love how you can have folding chairs hung on the walls to save space. very smart!


Excellent use of space – clean and cozy at once.

Was it home to the homeless before?


Does anyone ever do an after that isn’t all white? I know it makes everything lighter and cleaner, but these are all starting to look too similar to me.


Seeing makeovers like this make me realise that big spaces really are overrated! A more compact home means simplifying your life :-D


Love the folding chairs on the wall. I’ve been trying to convince my guy that this is a brilliant plan!

Katie Truelove

awesome space! I love the hanging chairs, the chandelier, the way you worked with the shelves and made them shine:) very inspiring! ps- i tried to shove my folding chairs in a closet and failed so now they just lean against a wall;)


@ whistlerpotpie: it looked like it;-) they used it as a bedroom, not sure why, it doesn’t have a door.


Marvelous! You’re absolutely brilliant. I love the conversion of window to shelves, chandelier is so amazing and the little detailing… My gosh, I loved it…


This is a beautiful space! I love everything about it especially the DIY chandelier and the hanging chairs!

Tyrene Hickman

LOVE the chandelier! LOVE the room! We have small rooms and have been inspired by this makeover!!! What color of paint did you use? I’m finding out whites, which some people think isn’t a color… that you have lots of white colors to choose from, so which did you choose?


Love the way this rather narrow space has been used, and the chairs stored on the wall make functional seem like art!


Fantastic! Such a creative use of the teeny space. Count me in as another fan of the folding chairs on the wall.


I really love this. The pink really makes this room pop! Like how you’ve recycled the bicycle wheel for the lighting. Who would of thought that such a small space could be transformed into something so pretty :) x