airstream trailers on vintage seekers

Even though I appreciate that it’s far more efficient for us to fly everywhere for the D*S Book Tour (full dates and details coming next week), part of me wishes we could drive in a tour bus. Or, even better, an airstream trailer. I know Amy and I would probably want to punch each other by the time we hit the Midwest, but it seems like such a fun way to see the country.

Vintage Seekers recently added a stunning series of original restored Airstream trailers to their collection and this one with the leather seating and walnut detailing is calling my name. In addition to this beauty, Vintage Seekers also has an adorable (and rare) 1963 Bambi trailer, of which there are less than 10 in the world (apparently Johnny Depp and MoMA own the others). I’d personally be happy to catch a ride across country in either of these. Sure, it would take a lot longer than a plane, but it sure beats white-knuckling it through turbulence on 40+ flights. Click here to see the full range over at VS. xo, grace


Perfect timing! We’re hitting the road in our Design Within Reach Airstream today. I highly, highly recommend it!

Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

This little trailer is incredible. I’ve long had a secret dream of selling everything we own and setting off across the country with my husband and kids in an airstream. Maybe we’d go crazy in such close quarters… but then again, maybe our lives would be better living so simply and seeing the country together. A girl can dream, right?

katie [the bright life]

These are so great! I would love to take a few months and just travel the country slowly in this. But for now, the bank account says I should stick with my Ford Taurus. :) Xo, Katie

Deeyn for Nannie Inez, good living

I always assumed that the airstream was just a shell in which to sleep… but they are actually really nice! I am so surprised by the leather benches, wood floors, stainless steel appliances! As a kid my family attempted to take 1 trip in a monster RV and it was a total disaster. These pics make me think a smaller, well designed Airstream might be just what I need to try again.


Oh this is wonderful. Airstream was a upscale brand and good quality back in the 50’s. If you saw an airstream on the highway you knew the haulers were an elite couple. Americans can get used to living and traveling efficiently again, and an old Airstream is a great way to start, if you can afford it. Some old ones are selling here for $20,000. and upward before restoring.

Those pictures are great.


My husband has been looking at these for a while. I have a kind of yin/yang with camping. It can be fun, but it can be a lot of work (especially if you are the Mom). It would be a great way to see the country, which I have always wanted to do.

patrice longmire

My husband and I are lucky enough to own a 1963 Airstream Safari. We call our little 23 ft piece of art “our villa”. I can not believe how much fun we have on all of our adventures with our villa trailing behind. Where ever we go, we are always welcomed by waves and smiles and people wanting to learn the story of our villa. A great way to travel and make new friends.


I’ve been wanting an airstream for years…these pictures only intensify my desire!


Love these! so cool! I wish I had a time machine so that if I wanted to buy one it wouldn’t cost as much, haha.


I’ve always wanted a cute little trailer (or prefab) in my yard as a cool little mine only get away for writing (or napping with the dog). Something like Lily Allen’s multipastel trailer in The Fear video.

I’d fill it with bright fabrics and moroccan like poufs.


I absolutely love bright and shiny things, but I worry that these blind other drivers.

Wouldn’t mind one in the backyard though. (When I have a backyard.)

Gypsy Kate

That is such a lovely little Bambi! I am jealous that it is so shiny :) My husband and I live in an airstream that we rescued and re-modeled together you can see it here if you would like We are just now getting around to shining it up and man o man it take forever! haha. We love it though. I wish we could get a gorgeous little bambi like this to travel in! Thanks for posting it’s really adorable!


I am a big fan of airstream trailers and PINTEREST. I couldn’t “pin” the photos. Just wondering if this is on purpose for any reason?

Web Trippin

Go for it! We went on a cross country trip in our (more modern) Airstream and absolutely loved it. It is an experience of freedom that is really incredible and an opportunity that more people should do when they’re younger, not just retirees.

carol rae

what a beauty!!!!! i own a 1970 landyacht which i haul around in my 1989 cadillac HEARSE!!!! now with THAT we get the looks………interior of trailer is gypsy style. LIVING A DREAM!!!!!! watch for us comin down your streets!


We’ve had the joy of owning a vintage Airstream since the late 70’s. They are something that gets into your heart. The company has done nice things with the new designs, and folks like this are probably responsible for giving them the ideas. Loverly, indeed!


I have an adorable 1955 Bubble Airstream. Wonder how “rare” it is?