adorable diy fabric chandelier

DIY Fabric Chandelier from 100 Layer Cake on Vimeo.

Today is DIY day at D*S, but before we launch into our projects, I wanted to share this super cute chandelier project from the talented team at 100 Layer Cake. This is an easy-to-follow project that would work just as well for a wedding as it would for a birthday party or backyard dinner. Thanks to Amanda for sending this over! xo, grace


Absolutely fabulous design that I can definetely try myself and feel comfortable doing it. Thanks for the great information once again.

Nicole Riseley Ketchum

It’s good to see these pop up. I am working on a 3D paper/foam core chandelier line for various holidays and themes. My hope is to get them into Target. They are awesome!


What an adorable and very easy DIY. I love your idea of making several of these for a homemade wedding.

Katarzyna Andrzejewska

I’ve been working on a very similar project using felt circles. The same exact concept, embroidery hoop and hanging strings of fabric (in this case felt). I think I’m gonna quit cutting hundreds of circles and switch to squares instead =). It takes extreme amount of felt circles to create a single string. This way seems much easier. I just can’t wait to hang something cute in the empty corner of my bedroom!
P.S. I’ve seen these made out of paper as well…


Very pretty. Do you need to make a knot underneath each fabric square to hold it in place or do the squares keep their spacing on their own?


Just when I thought it was done, you added the real flowers bring the whole project to the next level.

100 Layer Cake

Hi Amy,
Glad you like the project! You do not need to make a knot underneath each fabric piece if you are using a thick embroidery thread. The weight of the thread holds the lighter fabric pieces in place. If you use a thinner thread, then you will probably need to add some sort of knot, depending on the weight of the fabric.
Happy crafting!

susan wilson

Pretty and very effective, and looks so simple i think i shall have to try this myself