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2011 d*s book tour dates!

by Grace Bonney

I am so excited to finally get the ball rolling and announce the details for our Fall/Winter 2011 Book Tour! To celebrate the release of Design*Sponge at Home (out Sept 13th) Amy and I are hitting the road with the help of our amazing publisher, Artisan Books. Book tours are less and less common these days so we feel incredibly priveledged and appreciative to visit not one but 30 different cities this year!

When I first starting planning the tour I knew I didn’t want to have a traditional “stand in line and sign books” sort of event. It just didn’t feel like us. So instead we’re going to do events that combine crafting classes and giving back to local arts charities. In each city we’ll have a fun signing event/party, but we’ll also be having smaller craft sessions where you can come learn (and make) something from the book. All of the craft fees and donations from our local sponsors will go to benefit a local arts charity that we felt strongly deserved to be celebrated and supported.

In addition, I really wanted to celebrate local artists, so we’ll be working with local artists to create custom backdrops for photos/decoration and to provide a completely unique and custom version of the craft project we’re doing in each city. We want these events to be about celebrating the artists that make each of these cities great as much as it is about celebrating the book.

Here’s how the tour schedule works: starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting individual posts for each city (one a day, one month before each event is to place) where you’ll find ALL of the details and RSVP information you need. This post will give you the general dates and locations so you can mark them on your calendar ahead of time if you want to join us. Stay tuned for our first event RSVP (for NYC!) tomorrow and next week for Boston, Philly and DC. xo, grace

*A big thank you to Sarah Burningham at Little Bird for being the best and most patient tour organizer ever.

2011 DS Book Tour Dates:

-September 10 + 13: NYC (RSVP will be up tomorrow)
-September 14: Boston, MA (RSVP will be up next week)
-September 16: Philadelphia, PA (RSVP will be up next week)
-September 17 + 18: Washington DC (RSVP will be up next week)
-September 25 + 26: Portland, OR
-September 27: San Francisco, CA
-September 28: Los Angeles, CA
-September 29: Seattle, WAS
-October 1: Vancouver
-October 10: Minneapolis, MN
-October 11 + 12: Chicago, IL
-October 13: Dallas, TX
-October 15: Austin, TX
-October 18: Paramus, NJ
-October 24: Raleigh/Durham
-October 25: Asheville, NC
-October 26: Charleston, SC
-October 27: Savannah, GA
-November 1: Birmingham, AL
-November 2: Athens, GA
-November 3: Atlanta, GA
-November 8: Salt Lake City, UT
-November 9: Denver, CO
-November 10 + 11: San Diego, CA
-November 15: Nashville, TN
-November 16: Richmond, VA
-November 17: Norfolk, VA
-December 1: Philadelphia, PA
December 7: Toronto (This event has been postponed until early 2012)

*We will traveling abroad to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and London, England in Spring 2012. Dates and details to come later this fall.

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  • congratulations on your upcoming book and whirlwind book tour. Let me be the first, of many, I’m sure, who will whine that you are not coming to my state, Florida. Have you looked in to cloning?

  • I am so sad!! You’re going to be in paramus, right near where I grew up, but no where near enough where I live now! :(( oh well, another time :)

  • woo hoo! excited for the nyc event, and the list of cities you’ll be visiting looks like so much fun. you must be excited, too!

  • congratulations! such a special time for you and your team. wish I could make one of the events! can’t wait for a copy. best-rachel

  • Woohoo! Very excited. Quick question though, if we preordered your book online, can we bring the book to the book signing? Or is it limited to books bought at the store?

  • Any chance of coming to the Detroit area? (Ann Arbor, Royal Oak…?) We’ll miss you!

    • hillary

      i’m afraid not at the moment, due to budget constraints. but we’re happy to talk to any shop/city that can help finance the events and travel- we’re just maxed out being on a blog budget.


  • AWESOME that you will be coming to Richmond, Va. I am so excited and will definitely share with our RVA twitter community! Thank you so much for thinking of us!

  • When you were staying in Portland earlier in the summer I’m not going to lie, I totally tried to keep my eyes peeled. But no Grace spottings were had. So I’m stoked to hear now that you’re coming back in September. Also excited to see what local artists you work with.

  • Whoo! You’re coming to DC that’s just a short drive from Baltimore I definitely look forward to seeing you with my book in hand :).

  • I’m so excited to see you’ll skip over the border and up to Toronto! I can’t wait to see what you and our local artists come up with. My only qualm is that December is SO far away!

  • Dear Grace,
    I will probably be traveling when you are in the Bay Area. Could I send you a card for you to autograph to put in the book which I ordered from B&N?

  • Congrats on the book!! I cannot wait to get my copy! I am sad that Florida was not included on this tour….perhaps when you write your next book you’ll head south? :)

    • hi lisa

      we are indeed heading south (asheville, raleigh, charleston, savannah, athens and birmingham) but unfortunately our readership numbers in florida aren’t as high as those other states. it was a budget decision, not anything to do with florida. sorry :(


  • I am so excited! I’ll see you in Dallas, plus you’ll be here when the weather is not going to be so hot! Its actually going to be nice by then. My b-day is Oct 9 so my b-day present is going to attend your workshop or whatever you have planned for us texans! (Not really, I’m originally from Mexico City), which by the way I have forwarded your blog to all my friends and family down there. I can’t wait to meet you!

    • Hi Susana! My birthday is October 9 too! Can’t wait to meet you in Dallas! xo Amy

  • I’m very very very disappointed you aren’t coming to Detroit :( Have you missed the city’s recent renaissance?

    • jul

      please see my comments above. i’m well aware of the rebirth happening there, but i’m also aware of our tiny blog budget and that we have to be careful not to go into debt because of too much travel ;)


  • wow – that is a full-on couple of months! I’m super excited you’re coming all the way to Sydney, Australia. I’m sure you’ll have a great time here. Can you pre-order the book in Australia?

    • kirsty

      yep! you can pre-order at amazon australia and it will ship to you immediately- apparently they’re mailing early there and in the uk ;)


  • Yes! Austin! And I’m glad to see we are strong in your comments section too :) Bring your bathing suit, it’ll still be hot enough to hit Barton Springs in October.

  • oh this sounds like so much fun, I love the craft sessions initiative, it’s very Design*Sponge to do DIY and have something this accessible and different. What a bummer I don’t live in the States. I can’t wait to get hold of my book, I think it’s already on the way in a pre-order release. YAY!!

  • Seeing that you’re coming AAAALLLL the way to Australia, would a small detour over to Perth be an option? (Pleeeaaase??!!)

  • This is exciting news! I like that you’ll have crafting classes and get the community involved. Very nice touch! Can’t wait to get my hands on the book and to meet you. Great job Grace! :)

  • I just want to make sure I am reading this correctly so I don’t miss the sign up. So, if you are coming to Chicago Oct 11 and/or 12 I should look for the Chicago post on Sept 10? (one day, one month prior). Just double checking since I wouldn’t want to miss the fun.

    • jenny

      the dates are appx, but the week of sept 10th is accurate for chicago.

      the craft events are the only things that will have limited space, the bigger events in chicago can handle a lot of people :)


  • Grace, I have pre-ordered my book and can’t wait to meet you in Austin in October. You have chosen the best month weather-wise to be in Austin. Congratulations on your book tour.

  • So excited you haven’t forgotten about us in little ol’ Norfolk, VA! Seeing us included alongside those other large cities makes me giddy.

  • DENVER!!! SO excited that you will be making it out here! I would love to get involved with the events when you come through Denver. I would help with anything needed! :)

  • Grace – thanks for the response. It’s the crafts I’m afraid of missing. I only wish I was the creative type so I’m dying for the opportunity to be around those with more creative minds!

  • Glad to hear the Great LA is on your list for us Californians. Do you know the exact location yet? I want to plan a day to be there. I live in Bakersfield about an hour and a half north. Looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Wish you could make it closer to Ottawa, Ontario- Like to Montreal!!
    Maybe I can make it to Toronto!!

  • Of course I have to thank you again for coming to Norfolk. We NEVER get book tours. Can not wait to see what you have on tap for us. Of course, it has to be extra special. ;-) Also, perhaps by the time you arrive we will finally have our wildfire situation under control.

    • teresa

      oh man, the fires are crazy! i could smell them when we drove to NC for july 4th. hopefully they’ll stop soon.

      norfolk will be awesome- my entire family is coming in for it so you’ll get to meet the entire extended d*s fam ;)


  • Didnt I tell you there would be a lot of other disappointed Fl. readers? I will miss you in
    Asheville, by a week, aaaarghh!

  • Wow, two days in San Diego. I feel so lucky. Are there that many other DS fans in the area?!

  • I’ve Pre-ordered my book and SO excited y’all are coming to the Holy City in October!!! I am a local artist/photographer and friends with many others, some you have blogged about even! Please let us know what we can do to help and be hospitable! Charleston is Lovely in the Fall!!! Cannot wait!!! xo

  • I’m so excited! Both for the book (just yesterday I was browsing design diy books at BN and thought, ‘I wish DS would do a book’. . . and wah-la! My wish comes true! See you in LA

  • So, so sad you’re not hitting our part of the Midwest. No Cleveland, Columbus, Cinci, or Pittsburgh, Indiana or Lexington/ Louisville. I still wish you the most fun and success on your trip. But, please, please include us next go-around. Wishing a wonderful time to all of you and all those who can attend.

  • Congrats on the book launch and tour. I’m happy for you! I’m also incredibly disappointed that you (and Holly Becker, too) bypassed St. Louis, especially considering your two recent articles featuring my great town. We have a thriving art scene and yet we are constantly overlooked. I get it, you have a budget. It just doesn’t make it any less hurtful. ;) Good luck on your tour. You’ll be fabulous!

    • melissa

      i hope you’ll understand our decisions are purely budget based, and were never ever meant to be hurtful to anyone. most book tours are 5-6 cities, so paying for a 30 city book tour is pretty crazy. we did our best to fit in as many cities as possible based on our overall readership numbers in those locations.


  • What the heck?! No Miami?!? Man, that’s no fair! I really thought I would get to see you…nevertheless, very very excited for this book! Your blog is by far my favorite!

  • i am vare xsited 4 minneapolis sre 4 the speling i have had a stroke and dont spel so gud ne more wil yor event b whelchar axsibl i rele want 2 b thare

    • merri

      our event in minneapolis will be at the anthropolgie in edina. according to their website it says it is wheelchair accessible with a ramp on the sidewalk and the store is one level :)


  • hurray! very excited to see you next year, down under! give me a shout if you need any help, info or advice!

  • Oh, darn! I thought you were stopping in New Orleans. Oh, well. Maybe I can catch you at one of your other stops. Have a wonderful time, Grace!

  • I’m so excited you are coming to Denver. Is there any way you can point me in the direction to find out when (time) & place this will be held and how to reserve a spot? I don’t want to miss out!

  • i am so excited to get the book, already ordered on amazon! i was hoping to make the DC date and am so bummed i will be at a Virginia Tech game! i should have picked another weekend. oh well, cant wait to get my hands on the book…

  • No Barcelona at the european tour? Oh! I would love to know you… I get it, it’s impossible . Anyway, how do I get this book? You sell it? What can I do ? Thank and congrat. I wonder you are living a dream with this book , the newspaper and the new design sponge. Great for you!

    • michelle

      it’s not an issue of schedule (though it’s already crazy), it’s an issue of budget. we have to find a free location, a sponsor for food/drink and travel/hotel for me and amy for each location. :(


    I have been following this site since forever and has been such a form of inspiration! I attend OCAD here in the city and my degree has transformed into one that encompasses so much of what this site is about! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Hi, so excited to be coming to your event in Boston this week! One of my questions was answered (if we can bring books we already purchased) but was wondering why the dress “code” is- dressy, causual, dressy-casual? Thanks and looking forward to Wed!

  • hi! i’m in chicago and had my calendar marked to check for the rsvp yesterday (1 month before the event). i didn’t see anything posted for the chicago event, did i miss something or misunderstand the info for how to sign up? thanks!!

  • Any chance you will come back to NYC? I love your blog and would jump at another chance to meet you!

  • Just missed the NYC launch by a whisker – our plane landed too late on 13th to get to West Elm in time, but I happened by the next day and am proud to be the owner of a signed copy of your fabulous book! Now even happier to find out you will be in London in 2012; I will definitely be there then!

  • Trying to figure out how to RSVP for the Portland West Elm event…the store said they didn’t have their list anymore but I could RSVP on facebook, but I cant figure out where? Any ideas? Really want to make this!

  • Are you still coming to Birmingham? I saw the details for Athens and Atlanta are up, but no Birmingham. :(

  • Hi Grace. I’ve been waiting on pins & needles for the details of the Toronto book signing, and I just realized it’s been postponed. I’m bummed I have to wait longer, but also relieved because the original date was right before I have a big project due! I’m in grad school in Buffalo & really hope I’m back from the winter holidays in time for the event. Looking forward to it!