wrap magazine

I have a soft spot for illustrators. I’m not sure why, but they’re always the artists I seem to develop design-crushes on most easily. Thankfully Polly and Chris at Wrap decided to publish a magazine dedicated to illustration that will now feed my obsession.

With two issues under their belt, Wrap has already interviewed a slew of talented artists and designers and, with their latest issue, they decided to make the magazine itself part of the design process. Each issue can easily be taken apart and used as wrapping paper, which I love. It’s fun to tear things out and save it, but if you’re like me and end up with a stack of already-read magazines, it’s great to know that this can easily be reused. Wrap even perforated the back cover so it turns into eight note cards to coordinate with featured prints in the magazine. You can check out (and order) the issue right here- thanks to Polly for the tip! xo, grace


I’d probably tear out most pages to frame. Really great, I have to see if my magazine guys stock this.


Brilliant!! What a beautiful thing… all filled with beautiful things! I’m always looking for inventive ways to present my own illustration – this kind of project is hugely inspirational. Will be adding wrap to my illustration library STAT.


What an awesome idea. Natalya – you should submit, no? Surely they need some awesome illustrations stat.


What a brilliant idea. I just wish their website allowed us a peek into their back issues, to see if they are worth ordering.


i looove them and i am definitely buying it! cape town


Thanks so much to everyone for all the wonderful and positive comments about Wrap, it means a lot to us!


I’m sorry we haven’t got more pictures up of back issues, we’re still in the process of developing our site so this is something we’ll bear in mind for sure. If you send me an email at info@thewrappaper.com I can send some images for you to see.

Best wishes from Chris and me,


ps. any suggestions of magazine stores in the US we should contact would be super helpful! :)


Polly, I don’t know about magazine sellers, but your mag sounds ideal for a chain of stores based in Chicago called The Paper Source. They carry all sorts of interest paper craft products and this would fit right in.