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DIY Butterfly Dome

by Stephanie

Butterfly Dome DIY Project from Design*Sponge at Home (see the full how-to right here)

As the week comes to a close and the plans for the D*S Book tour start to come together, I’m getting excited for all the fun projects we’ll be doing at the book events. I love getting together with people and making things by hand, so we’ve picked a wide range of projects to do for events in all 30+ cities. Since I’ve got DIY on the brain, I thought I’d share another preview from Design*Sponge at Home. We’ve already talked about the cover and the first chapter (home tours), so now it’s time for chapter two: DIY projects and DIY basics!

Toolbox illustration by Julia Rothman

When I started the book I knew DIY projects and practical skills would be a large chunk of the content, because I don’t like going heavy on inspiration and light on the tools to turn it into action. One of the things that drives me nuts about fancy coffee table books is that they seem to give you all these gorgeous images and no way to interpret them on your own time and budget. So we decided to pull great ideas from the homes in the book, along with other great projects from our editors and readers, to create the second chapter- which is comprised of 50 DIY projects. All of the projects are arranged by difficulty (starting from easy to hard) and list price, time required and variation ideas. And because I didn’t think projects were enough, we also created a DIY basics section that gives you the basics for building your own toolbox, a wide range of must-know skills (paint stripping, lamp wiring) and even a fantastic primer for my favorite- upholstery!

I’m going to dive into more of the book after the jump, but before that, there’s a summary of this week’s post highlights below. I hope you’ll join me after the jump for a look inside the book!

(Design*Sponge at Home is available for pre-order now, you can see more about the book here and watch the trailer on the same page) xo, grace

More previews of the D*S Book DIY Chapter after the jump…

Upholstery Tutorial excerpts from Design*Sponge at Home , Illustrations by Julia Rothman.

Wooden Display project from Design*Sponge at Home

Lined Valet project from Design*Sponge at Home

Veneer Sconce project from Design*Sponge at Home

Succulent Wall project from Design*Sponge at Home

Map covered boxes project from Design*Sponge at Home

Bleach-dyed towel/napkin project from Design*Sponge at Home

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