travelteq messenger

I’ve discussed my love of handsome travel bags before, but I always enjoy having a new piece to add to my wish list. I know rolling luggage is more practical (and helpful for my seriously sloped shoulders), but I’m always drawn to a sophisticated leather bag. This new canvas and leather messenger from Travelteq is handmade in Italy and has a snazzy orange lining inside. Each bag has six compartments (plenty of room for important things like peanut M&Ms and Starburst packs), four of which zip to keep things in place. I know the price tag for bags like these is often steeper than most would like, but pieces like this last forever and only get better looking with age. If you’re ready to invest in a long-term bag, click here to check out Travelteq’s newest messenger. xo, grace

Sarah @ Natural History

Absolutely gorgeous! Multiple compartments are a must – I confess that I travel with my Storksak changing bag (Elizabeth, navy leather) for this reason. It’s far too big to be a changing bag (unless you feel a need to carry around 15 nappies, 3 packs of wipes and four complete changes of clothes for the baby at all times), but absolutely bang on for an overnight bag!

grown-up shoes

Love this! I, usually of the second-hand thrift store handbag variety {by budget constraints, not choice}, was recently gifted a leather crossbody messenger from my friend who works at Ferragamo. Buttery, olive colored elegance complete with gold hardware. A good bag like this one really does change the way you travel. I’ve never looked back.


What a beautiful bag! I really love the leather and orange details. And extra compartments for M&Ms, who could ever resist ;)


Sooooo…this is fantastic. Can’t afford it, but still. Worth looking at for a while :)