top 30 gadgets of summer

Normally when summer rolls around, I try to stay as far away from technology¬†as possible. The only cords and wires I want to be near in July are the ones holding up a hammock or hanging from my ears as they deliver beachy music from my headphones. But since that isn’t always an option, my trusty tech and DIY guru, Kate Pruitt, has rounded up 30 essential tech gadgets for the summer months over at MyLifeScoop. From fancy underwater goggles to cool apps that find summer music festivals for you (my favorite), Kate’s found something for everyone. Click here to check out the full post at MLS. xo, grace

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

The ice cream maker is really cute, although I’m not sure I could stare at Curlz MT while waiting for my ice cream to finish ;)

I received the Bodum Picnic grill for my birthday ( which is also the first day of summer ) and it has been the perfect summer accessory! It fits in my bike basket to I can shuttle it down to the beach and the bright orange color is a hit!

marissa @ the boot

these are cooler than cool! (no pun intended.) i would love the swim mp3 player for those long swims! or the ice cream maker!

Terry Ann

Wow lots of fun – we having winter now so none of these are going to be of any use to us!!! However the insect repeller thingi is something you would never be able to use here in Africa – firstly they kill indiscriminately and secondly the dead insects attract the frogs which in turn attract the snakes – so you would have an ever bigger problem on your hands!!! Can’t wait for SUMMER!!!!!