To Read: Vintage Craft Workshop

When I worked for the New York Public Library, one of my favorite things to do was peruse the vintage craft books in the library stacks. So I was completely thrilled to discover Cathy Callahan’s Vintage Craft Workshop. Cathy takes crafts from the ’60s and ’70s and makes them new again. For many of the projects, she even includes photos of the original inspiration. The projects, contributed by an array of talented folks, range from recycled-bottle wind chimes to a macramé hanger. A lot of us find inspiration in vintage crafts, but I love how this book really honors the original source — whether it’s a photograph of three ladies from the ’60s, a magazine article or a project from a book. — Amy A.

Image above: Recycled-bottle wind chime

Image above: Tulip apron

Image above: Lady vase


I still have a pile of crafty magazines from the 70s–Needle & Craft and American Home Crafts. Some of the stuff in them looks extremely weird now but some of it is fabulous, and the photography is great. Try to find them if you can.


The windchime is a great idea, but I also think in a windstorm it might be a little tricky. Maybe make it portable, so you can easily move it in case it gets too windy?

Caitlin Schultheis

You know it is amazing when Amy Sedaris is jealous!!!

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

What a genius book. I can definitely relate to the library craft section- as a kid I checked out every craft book they had. Even random ones like Expert Woodcrafting :)


Such a great book! Love Cathy Callahan & her blog!

Katie Steuernagle

I learned so much from Cathy while working on the papier mache lady vase for this book. She taught me all about Gemma Taccogna, and I’m so grateful! Gemma was a true artist, and Cathy is a fountain of knowledge and so fun to work with. I’m blown away by how this book turned out! Gorgeous!


It’s great to see crafts from the past getting some great use! Great inspiration for the next time I visit my grandmother’s house :)