the craftsman (good morning laugh)

by Grace Bonney

One of the words I’ve been saying a lot since I got out to Portland is earnest. So many of the artists, musicians and store owners here have an earnestness that is both admirable and, at times, surprising. I’ve gotten pretty jaded living in New York, and it’s always good to be reminded that someone’s seriousness about their work is both positive and — sometimes — funny. I think it’s good when people can take a step back and laugh at some of the more comical examples of earnestness in a community, and this video from comedian Russ Armstrong is a great example. In this clip, Russ takes on the craftsman community in a way that makes me both cringe and laugh. The line about making his own tools using smaller tools he also built is worth the whole thing. If you have a few minutes to watch and get a little morning laugh, I highly suggest clicking “play” above. Thanks to Matt, one of my favorite Portland craftsmen, for the tip. xo, grace

*A few of the words in the video is NSFW, so you may want to listen with headphones

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  • Hard to pick one favorite line, but “Maritime Jim Crow” is up there.

    As a side note, whenever I arrive at this site or click on any individual posts, I get that message from windows saying “Your internet has stopped working.” I ignore it and it’s fine, but it’s weird and mildly annoying. No other sites do this, and it started here maybe a week or two ago.

    • ashley

      can you tell me what’s happening when you get that error? i’ve only heard that from a few people using IE (are you using IE to view the site) and i think it may be a google ad that’s got some bad script, but we haven’t been able to replicate the issue on our end.


  • Is there a Jim Crow I don’t know about other than the Jim Crow from segregation? Seems like it would have been easy for him to come up with another line.

  • He is funny. However, I am one of the few who despises the “f” and “d” word….. : / I would have laughed even hard if those words were omitted. As I am sure everyone else would have laughed just as much too.. This is why I love Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen Degeneres. Noone ever thinks “gosh it would have been a lot funnier had they dropped the f-bomb” when watching their acts.

  • I cannot stop laughing!!! This is hilarious! I have to preface my comment by saying that it makes me SO happy that more consumers are asking questions about product. They are more interested in the story and how things are made. Secondly, I LOVE the work that small design groups are creating. and that we are seeing more special, non mass produced items in the market place. BUT… as a former resident of Brooklyn and now of Austin the ridiculousness of the video rings true in any crafting community! There is another spoof video that could me made related Slow Food Movement too!

  • You should have placed some type of disclaimer before the video. I watched this at work, and that type of language isn’t permitted. a simple “nsfw” would’ve been sufficient.

  • How nice to start Monday with a laugh. As they say, it’s funny because it’s true. It’s also sad because it’s true! Gawd, someone get me back to NYC before all the earnestness here does me in! xo from NE PDX – glad you’re enjoying your stay here, Grace.

  • Grace – I was mistaken about a part of this. When I land on D*S nothing happens but when I click on a D*S post, that page doesn’t begin to load; I just get the small box that says “Your Internet Has Stopped Working.” Oddly, though, if I just click the “x” or “close” button to close that window, IE (yes, that’s what I’m using) doesn’t shut down, it recovers the D*S page and loads it. It acts fine after that unless I’m on an individual post page and try to go back to the D*S homepage – then it repeats the whole process. It also does this when I submit a comment. I noticed it happening only with D*S about a week or two ago. – Ashley