substrata ipad cases

Okay, I know I’m on a bit of an iPad kick lately, but these wooden cases from Oregon’s Substrata have such lovely curves and patterns made from wood. Their handmade hinged cases have a microsuede lining and latches with magnets. They also serve as both horizontal and vertical stands. If you’re like me and are always dropping things (whoops), these cases could be a good investment ($85–$265 each). Click here to check out the full selection and shop online. (Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip!) xo, grace

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Love it!!! Make me want to hurry up and get my iPad already!


I don’t have an ipad, but my mom does… Perhaps I’ll send her one of these for her birthday! At least that was I can live vicariously through her technological toy and still enjoy my personal love for all things wooden! That case really is quite an amazing piece of work! =)


Wow, that is amazing! I’ve always loved wood and if I had an iPad, I would so put it in this.


Gorgeous. Keep the iPad stuff coming. I just got an iPad for my birthday so I am voraciously looking for a beautiful cover!


Awesome cases. I love the wood detailing. I’m going on a rather long vacation to Australia this year and a case like this would be perfect — sturdy, stylish, and something I wouldn’t mind toting around.


Beautiful, the most creative case I’ve seen yet. Bravo!