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sneak peek: sverrir & berglind mari

by Amy Azzarito

Iceland is the most beautiful place I have visited. Hands down. And honestly, after a weekend of soaring temperatures in Brooklyn, I’m thrilled to just type the word ice. It’s such a treat to peek inside a home in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík. Sverrir Asgeirsson and Berglind Mari Valdemarsdóttir have lived in this home in for 7 years. Berglind Mari is currently working on a master’s degree in Applied Studies of Culture, and her husband, Sverrir, is an architect and product designer, so the aesthetics of the space were extremely important. And in an effort to combat the dark Nordic winters, they gravitate toward lots of white with bright pops of color. The result is a home that is cheerful and relaxing! Thanks, Sverrir & Berglind Mari! — Amy A.

Image above: Since all the walls inside our home are white, we wanted a cheerful splash of color somewhere. That’s why we chose to put wallpaper on one wall in our living room. We bought the wallpaper at Habitat.

Image above: We like our bedroom to look simple and personal. I sewed the colorful pillowcases from a fabric bought at Ikea, and my son and I cut out the hearts above the bed.

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Image above: We bought the white desk at a local thrift shop. The framed photo is a picture taken by me of my son sitting on the bed under a rain of feathers. There were lots feathers to be cleaned up afterwards, but it was definitely worth all the fun!

Image above: The former owners of the apartment left us the mirror above the dresser. We painted the frame white to make it less heavy.

Image above: We bought the desk at Ikea. We decorated the wall above the desk with all sorts of pictures and drawings from friends, family and us. We thought it would be nice to have something inspirational to look at instead of just a plain white wall.

Image above: Raven is designed by Ingibjörg Hanna.

Image above: Japanese style and culture really fascinates us. I made the origami paper cranes myself. I think the hanging origami has both a Scandinavian and a Japanese feel to it.

Image above: We really treasure our books. They’re not only fun to read but also serve as ornaments. The wall behind the dining table becomes cozier covered by all the books.

Image above: An orchid is so beautiful and lovely to look at! I like to believe that a heart in love with beauty will never grow old.

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