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sneak peek: peter dunham & linnea gits

by Amy Azzarito

Artist and design couple Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits run a design company in Chicago called Uusi that focuses on limited edition or one-off prints and objects for the home. They’ve lived in this Chicago home for 10 years. They try to keep the overall look simple, allowing the wood surfaces and collected objects to add warmth, color and interest. The resulting clean, modern space feels a bit like a subtle nod to the great Midwestern architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Thanks, Peter & Linnea! — Amy A.

Image above: We recently remodeled this space. Peter tore the walls out and replaced them with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (there is a second one not shown, to the left of the one in the photo, that creates the entryway to the space). We had a lot of objects and books that were scattered all over, giving our place a cluttered feel. Turning these walls into bookshelves gathered all of these smaller objects up in a central place that is easy to access, focused and beautiful to look at. Peter made the dinning table and stools from old-growth, reclaimed Redwood that originally was used in water towers around the city. The tabletop is white laminate. Peter also made the planter on the table from the same wood. The hanging light is from Ikea. PAINT: Our entire space is painted with Benjamin Moore Atrium White. We think it’s the perfect white. It has just a touch of red in it, which gives it a fresh, modern warmth.

Image above: Hanging lamp is by Linnea Gits made from hammered, flattened nails.

Image above: This is one of the tiniest rooms in our place! To keep the room from feeling cramped, we painted it all white, kept the artwork to a minimum and have only the bed, nightstands and a small dresser in here. All our clothes hang in a walk-in closet in the hall. Bedspread from Missoni.

Image above: My mom’s bracelet and rings with a chunk of crystal on a plate from my grandma’s house. The stone is from Lake Michigan. The little bird we found on eBay.

Image above: Last spring we remodeled the kitchen. We decided to get rid of all the heavy overhead cabinetry and replace it with a hidden pantry and one single shelf that runs the length of the kitchen counter. All our day-to-day dishware is on this shelf and makes it so much easier to access it. Plus, it completely lightened up the look of the kitchen, making it a more enjoyable space to hang out and work in. Peter designed and built all the cabinetry from reclaimed old-growth Cypress that has such a beautiful grain and literally glows when the light hits it.

Image above: White farm sink from Ikea. Knife holder and cutting boards from Uusi.

Image above: Skylight

Image above: Sitting area off kitchen: Chair is Eames LCW. Sculpture by Linnea Gits. Hanging “Jolly Roger” flag from Uusi.

Image above: Our cat, Gün. She is not named after a weapon — though she is deadly cute. Gün is a female Nordic name pronounced “goon.”

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