sneak peek: amie weitzman’s connecticut cottage


Today we have a special treat: We’re visiting the two homes of NYC-based interior designer, textile designer and painter, Amie Weitzman. We’re starting with her Connecticut home, which is a small cottage on a lake. What Amie thought would be a few quick adjustments turned into almost an entire demo. With a mission to make the new house look like it had been there for 70 years, they added old floor boards, white-washed wood planks on the walls and ceilings, beadboard walls in the bathrooms and kept the original screened-in porch. The final result reflects Amie’s taste for classic and modern elements with a slightly playful vision. Special thanks to photographer John Gruen for the great tip about Amie’s homes and the beautiful photographs, and to James Leland Day for the fabulous styling! – Anne

Image above: The kitchen with table by CA Atelier and chairs by Modernica.

Image above: Custom cabinetry in the kitchen.

Image above: Another kitchen view with barstools by Knoll and artwork by Jennifer Bar Lev.

Amie’s Connecticut cottage continues after the jump . . .

Image above: The Master bedroom with nightstand by West Elm, bedding by Calypso Home and photograph from the Andrea Meislin Gallery.

Image above: Vintage table in the dining area.

Image area: The dining area with vintage chairs upholstered in Lulu DK fabric. The pendant lamp is from Design Within Reach.

Image above: Studio with desk from Ikea.

Image above: Family room with vintage chair, pillows from Ikea and Jonathan Adler vase.

Image above: Maya’s bedroom with beds and nightstands from Room and Board and rug by Tai Ping. The paint is Semalina, 2155-40, by Benjamin Moore.

Image above: The living room with sofa by Room and Board and portrait by Shelley Adler.

Image above: Another living room view with chairs upholstered in Hable fabric.

Image above: Mud room. Paint is Chelsea Gray, HC-168, by Benjamin Moore.

Stay tuned for Amie’s NYC townhouse up next!

Jess M

I know you’ve got great style when I’m feeling envious of the mudroom! Everything is beautiful, crisp, and clean.

Jo Chopra

A very beautiful house, but I miss the quirky little comments that usually accompany these sneak peeks. I always enjoy getting a sense of the owners’ personalities. This one feels aloof and detached. That portrait in the living room, for example . . . must be a story there!

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

One of my favorite homes so far. I like how the white kept interesting by giving it a lot of texture, and I LOVE the shelving instead of kitchen cabinets. Also, I give major props to anyone who can make a children’s room look so stylish.


Beautiful! What is the library ladder for? Can’t tell from the photo…


drooling over the open shelving in the kitchen. That wood tone is so lovely!


Love the painted floor and “rug” in the mud room.


Beautiful. What is that glass bulb sculpture on the living room table? I need it.


Wow I just love this interior……White color gives relief to eyes..It is very soft and calm…Thanks a lot for your great post..I really enjoyed it


Love the dishes. I am a huge fan of wooden/earthenware dishes. A good friend of mine is a potter and she displays her dishes similarly. She’s thrown them all herself and their lovely.


Really love this home. It seems like it’s familiar in a really good way, like so many different types of people could be comfortable here.

I’m curious though…. what is the ladder for in the living room? It doesn’t seem to lead up to anything.


I’m also loving the dishes in the kitchen display. Perfectly matches the big wood shelves. I would be showing off too!


What a great balance of white and wood…clean but warm. bravo!


those shelves. oh those kitchen shelves. then i scrolled down to the second photo of the kitchen. i’m in love. i don’t think i could actually manage to live there though, i’d be too fussy about the dishes looking right and whatnot.
amazing house. truly a work of art.


thanks for all the great comments…..the ladder goes up to a small “kids only” reading loft


What a stunning home – quite possibly my favourite Sneak Peak ever (and that’s saying something!) Best bit? Probably the kitchen, with the beautiful dark wood shelves and the clean white tiles. Also delighted to see the chair in the studio – we have a set very similar to this as our dining chairs (imported into the UK from Germany), and I totally love them!


So much to love … and most especially the hanging fixtures in Maya’s room (can you source?) and the pristine white on the walls. Is it a BM white?


a very very pleasant sight. Love your pick in vintage furniture. The dining area: envy!!


Ooooh what a beautiful and heavenly looking cottage! I’m in lust with all the gorgeous pillows everywhere around this place; really smart color and texture and pattern juxtapositions!

Kim Hood

Can you please tell me where you bought the chandelier light in Maya’s room?


I love the breakfast nook! I want something like that, but I have no idea where to begin!

Rio L. Ubatay

I really love. Hoping to have a home like this.
Keep up the good work guys, maybe someday i will ask your suggestion, hehehehe..
God speed w/ you all.


What an amazing home! Our kitchen is halfway through a remodel and the open shelving in your kitchen is exactly what I have been trying to describe to my cabinet maker. I was wondering if you would mind sending me a photo of the open shelving around the stove/vent-hood. I love everything about your home.