reservoir green

Yesterday my cousin came down to Portland from Seattle and we spent the afternoon wandering through Mt. Tabor Park and soaking up a seriously gorgeous day. As luck would have it, we stumbled upon a downhill skateboard race and found an excuse to spend even more time outside while the weather gave us a brief break from all the rain. I spent most of the day staring at the trees and sky, but when I walked by the reservoir in the park I was struck by how beautifully green the water was. I’m assuming that’s a natural color (I’m also assuming someone’s going to correct me here and tell me that’s a bad color for water to be), but no matter what caused it, the water was so beautiful I took about a dozen pictures so I could go home and try to replicate it in paint form. I don’t know if I can quite nail the right blue-green mix, but this platter at Anthro gets pretty close. I’ve spent most of my summer drawn to colors like this so I think it might be time to take the leap and break out the paint rollers. Until then, this platter might need to come home as inspiration.

And while I’m at it, this floral wallpaper might need to join the platter. If I have to leave all this lush greenery and wildflower-heaven behind, at least I can surround myself with wallpaper flowers. Click here to check out the wallpaper online ($148) and here for the platter ($168). -grace

5 Point Capitol

Well this floral pint is amazing..I have searching for information and finally this blog is very good and the nice designed.


This may be bad… but I kinda feel like that platter looks like a toilet ringed with toilet bowl cleaner :p at least from the top view.
Sorry if I ruined it for anyone!


I grew up on Mt. Tabor and it is one of my favorite places! Actually one night after having amazing cocktails at the Sapphire Hotel (you must try it out while in Portland) my (now husband) and I walked up to the the reservoir and I’m pretty sure that was the night I fell in love with him. :)


I’m a long-time reader. I’m the office manager at a skateboard shop down in Eugene and one of my employees was in that race. I actually gave him today off because he wanted to stay up there. Such a small world.


Anyone have suggestions on sources for wallpapers/fabrics like that Anthro wallpaper, only more affordable? I rent my home from a wonderful lady who painted the entire bathroom a green very close to that one. (Along with the master bedroom, below the chair rail line.) It’s beautiful but a little hard to decorate around in such large quantities! …and I’m not allowed to repaint. So I’m getting creative, embracing the crazy-bright color, and looking for shower curtains, etc. to break it up a bit. Would love to hear if anyone knows of possible sources.


Grace- wanted to let you know that the wallpaper was designed by Stephanie Webb, who is actually a display coordinator at the newly opened Anthropologie store in Edinburgh. She is a very talented textile designer- you should check out her website…

Billy Bones

I was the organizer of the skateboard race and my friend down in San Fran told me she read about it on this blog. Thought I would check it out for myself. Very cool design blog. Definitely going to add this to my bookmarks!
Glad you enjoyed watching the skate race! Check out if you want to see more stuff about the event.

Grace Bonney

thanks billy

the race was awesome- so happy i stumbled on it. hope to check it out again next year.