portland designers for hygge & west

I’ve got Portland on the brain this morning, so it worked out perfectly when I heard that Hygge & West had collaborated with a great local design team called Pattern People. Founded by Claudia Brown and Jessie Whipple Vickery, Pattern People specializes in surface design for everything from fashion to interiors. Claudia and Jessie designed a new series of beautiful wallpapers for Hygge & West that were inspired by the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. Their Forest Leaves pattern (above) is my favorite, but the full collection is definitely worth checking out. I love the way Pattern People re-interpreted imagery that would normally be done in dark greens and browns in such modern color combinations. Click here to check out and shop the new collection online. xo, grace

More wallpaper images continue after the jump . . .


I don’t know how many times I’m going to drool over those Thonet chairs before I buy them! Seeing them next to that pretty paper is killing me.


Wow, these are so beautiful & original! I think that the pink one would add a really dramatic effect to a study/bedroom. :) Great designs!


Please tell me where to go to order the second paper… Love it…thanks


YES! Beautiful. The Forest Leaves in red has me mesmerized. I love Pattern People. They’re so talented and lovely and are always creating new brilliant designs for the body and home. So happy to see them featured here. *angie


I want that creature in the first wallpaper pic. Where can I get that thing?


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
I’m a wallpaper enthusiast and it breaks my heart that I live in a rented apartment.

Nia Basset

Yes – I’m with Jackie. I want that creature in the first wallpaper picture. Where does it come from?


Hi – That little guy in the first pic is from Manufactory (shopmanufactory.com) in Minneapolis. The artist, Erin Currie, runs the shop so you could probably email her there… Thanks so much for all the nice comments and the lovely post, Grace!

Lauren Davis

I love the little fabric petal thingies in the fourth pic. What are they and where can I find one? Thanks!


I am absolutely in love with the little bird/owl statue from the first one and the wallpaper in the second! Gorgeous.


Love the wallpapers and adore the bags, they are from Larissa Hadjio, and she too is awesome :)