patterns & prints for tech accessories

I’ve always been something of a pattern nut, but I’ve gotten better about not combining them like a crazy person. Then I saw Kate’s post on custom patterns & prints for tech devices and immediately felt the desire to get at least five different prints for everything I lug around in my bag. I’ll try to avoid pattern overload, but her picks for phones, laptop cases and iPad covers are so cute that it’s going to be a struggle. If you’re stronger than I am and can resist ordering all of these, check out her full selection of patterned/printed cases and covers for all of your tech accessories right here on MyLifeScoop. xo, grace


The polka dot blackberry case is so cute! I didn’t even realize they made cute blackberry cases that weren’t designed for 12-year-olds! Thanks for sharing!!! =)

el {what you fancy}

I just ordered a chevron design iphone cover from Etsy – borderline obsessed with chevron patterns… and anything Kate Spade :)


Numbers 2 & 3 are gorgeous. I wish there was more of a selection of attractive blackberry cases – there seems to be tonnes of iphone/ipad cases about in comparison


I bought the cover for Iphone, from Jonathan Adler, although the print is beautiful, the quality is very bad. It has been only 2 months since my purchased and the print is starting to vanish, unbelievable !