outdoor organization time

Around this time every year, my parents would go on a mission to get the garage organized. Everything would come out, the cement floor swept and hosed off, and then it would all go back in. In a family of six, this was no small feat, and pitchers of sun tea were necessary to sustain the work effort. Let’s be honest; as a teenager, I would do my best to make myself scarce. But I’d like to think that if I had these cute organizing tools, I would have been a better sport. — Amy A.

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Image above: 1. Garden Hose, $41.49; 2. Grapefruit Cleaner, $5.49; 3. Garden Tools, $36; 4. Striped Tool Box, $82; 5. Raspberry Herbal Iced Tea, $8; 6. Industrial Mesh Wall-Mounted Basket, $19.95; 7. Dustpan and Broom, $57; 8. PS Cabinet, $99; 9. Animal Coatrack, $39

Image above: 1. Jute Twine Dispenser, $20; 2. Ladder, $295; 3. Bike Hook, $4.89; 4. Stacking Drawers, $19.99; 5. Iron Twig Hooks, $16; 6. Orange Dustpan, $52; 7. Striped Bucket, $36; 8. Striped Broom, $26; 9. Wall Control Pegboard, $229



Image above: Bike Rack, $108

Image above: Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand, $67.50

Image above: Leonardo Wall Hook, $15

Krista | Blue Eyed Yonder

I have been collecting storage and inspiration pictures for doing a little makeover on my teeny outdoor storage unit. These products are adorable. I love the striped broom. I think I smell a DIY in my future. Thanks for the great picks!