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mini trend: album invites

by Amy Azzarito

My favorite weddings are those where the personality of the couple shines through the details, and for couples who love music, there’s nothing better than a traditional vinyl album. It seems like these album invites complete with a mix are becoming a mini trend — Kelly Anderson made a super cute paper record for her wedding. And for their June wedding, Justin Miller and Jill Ginsberg also wanted to highlight their love of music and their vinyl collection. They particularly love jazz albums from the ’50s and ’60s. So they decided to make their wedding invitations look like an old jazz album complete with a CD of their favorite love songs. Justin designed and screenprinted each album, and then the couple hot-glued the digipaks together — all in their tiny apartment. The invite was such a hit with guests that Justin opened an Etsy store to help other couples do the same thing. — Amy A.

Image above: Jill & Justin subtly brought the album theme into their wedding using album covers as table numbers. Photo: Love Me Do Photography

Image above: Save the Date Cards designed by Justin Miller

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  • I love this! Very cool ideas for music lovers! We love music as well & made a mixed CD…in the old school style of making mixed tapes for our guests.:) these details are precious! So much creativity in wedding design elements.

  • I’m always a little frustrated when blogs encourage this trend. Even though these mix CDs/vinyls are cute and even clever, they’re illegal. You can’t copy music for 200 friends/wedding guests and think it’s ok. The whole thing makes me nervous. As an artist I certainly wouldn’t want my name attached to a project that could potentially end in a lawsuit.

  • Hot dog! I didn’t know Justin opened an Etsy shop to make these for others. I had such a great time designing the flowers for this wedding and loved how the centerpieces in vintage containers looked next to those awesome album table numbers. Definitely one of the most creative and stylish couples I’ve worked with. Love that this is on D*S!!

  • Making mix CDs and giving them out as gifts is not against the law, selling them is! This is a clever idea!

  • I’m currently designing a 7″ vinyl style record sleeve wedding invite and it’s so much fun! I actually agree with Ann about the illegal copying of the music. That’s not on to be honest. The one I’m making doesn’t have actual music on it, it’s all made out of card/paper including the record part. Music is such a fantastic wedding theme!

    Also, it’s Kelli (with an i) Anderson, not Kelly. :P

    • How did your invite come out? Where did you go to get the cutout for the paper cd done? Thanks

  • This brings a smile to my face, I started doing exactly this twelve years ago for my friends weddings, and I never stopped since, the requests just keep on coming!

  • to Kelli Anderson~
    I am using old 7″ vinyl records as invites for my wedding. I would love to collaborate with you on the sleeve you designed!! Please contact me: flibutterfly@hotmail.com

    Thanks a bunch!! ~Jenny

  • How did you make the cover for the invitation? I love how it opens up like a record. Please email me thanks

  • We absolutely love these for our wedding April 2014!!! What is the price per unit? How do you personalise ? And do you ship to the U.K??!! Would love to get them ASAP.



  • hello,
    I am trying to find Justin Miller on Etsy regarding his vinyl record wedding invitations, but having a difficult time. thank you.