make it yours: olga naiman

Today on Make It Yours, we’re pulling looks from Olga Naiman’s lovely Brooklyn home. Olga is a creative director and prop stylist (she used to do styling for Domino Magazine!) who demonstrates her impeccable taste in her home. Each room in Olga’s home conveys a different mood: In the kitchen, Olga expresses an “Eastern European granny” feel — how sweet! In the living room, we find that the vibe is “70s opium lounge,” and I admire her bold color choices. Click here to see the rest of Olga’s home in the original sneak peek. — Lauren

Palette 1 (Kitchen)
A. Pearl White (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 420; B. St. Patrick (Benjamin Moore), PMS Green; C. Early Morn (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 2905; D. Mango Madness (Behr), PMS 1495; E. Whisper Yellow (Behr), PMS 7507

Roundup 1 (Kitchen)
1. Antique Oval Framed Photo, $24; 2. Dining Table, $179; 3. Le Creuset Kettle, $55; 4. “Kitchen” Sign, $140; 5. Jam in the Morning, $58; 6. Salud Goblet, $10; 7. Gingham Picnic Plate, $48; 8. Egg Shakers, $26

The second home image and roundup continue after the jump . . .

Palette 2 (Living Room)
A. Black Magic (Sherwin-Williams), PMS Black; B. Sunshine (Benjamin Moore), PMS 122; C. Pink Burst (Valspar), PMS 184; D. Sapphire Lace (Behr), PMS 541; E. Volcanic Blast (Behr), PMS 1655

Roundup 2 (Living Room)
1. Suzani Pillow, $195; 2. Buddha Lamp Shade, $15; 3. Coat of Arms Mirror, $198; 4. Kansai Bookcase, $1,298; 5. Milo Sofa, $4,998; 6. Red Patterned Votives, $54


her kitchen has the best look to it. it does feel like a granny place…but an interesting one filled with good stories! love the picnic plates from terrain. ordering a set :)

Nick Klaus

The kitchen is excellent. I love the floorboards too, and the vintage stove. The wall in the second photo feels a bit too daring of a red for me, and it also feels a bit too 70s.


Well they had use a marvelous colors in their interiors…The kitchen accesories are just too good.Really interesting..I like this type of post..It create charm after reading..Thanks


The floors in that kitchen are fantastic. This is also a great use of white/neutrals in a room with out feeling like you are going to get everything dirty.


Well this kitchen accessories are just too good..I like all of them..Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog..