living in: midnight in paris


Leave it to Woody Allen’s newest flick, Midnight in Paris, to send me screaming for a Parisian vacation (preferably in the 1920s). Under normal circumstances, Gertrude Stein’s apartment filled with the likes of Picasso and Hemingway is off-limits, but I’ll happily suspend my disbelief to tag along with Owen Wilson. — Amy M.

1. Gertrude Stein Print by Picasso, $25; 2. Fringed Lampshade, $132; 3. Mercury Lamp Base, $245; 4. Vintage Bronze Tray, $150; 5. Mercury Glass Container, $70; 6. Vintage Oushak Rug, $1495; 7. Needlepoint Leopard Pillow, $295; 8. Kevin O’Brien Pillow, $285; 9. Repetto Ballerina Heels, $232; 10. Moyna Brown Beaded Clutch, $205; 11. Metal Tassel, $75; 12. French Caned Daybed, $1700

The next set of stills and the second roundup continue after the jump . . .

There is no denying that Paris in the 1920s is one of those sparkly decades that can do no wrong. Getting to attend a cocktail party at the famed Parisian taxidermy shop Deyrolle, in the 20s, no less? Probably not going to happen, except in dreamland. But thanks to Allen, we now know how to fake it. I’ll take two of everything, Hemingway included.

1. Vintage Peacock, $750; 2. Antique Coat Rack, $99; 3. Nick Munro Cocktail Shaker, $70; 4. Beaded Silk Chiffon Flapper Dress, $347; 5. Butterflies and Insects, $19+; 6. Antique Vitrine, $4699; 7. Rhinestone Cigarette Holder, $19; 8. Crystal Volute Ashtray; 9. Martini Glass, $4; 10. Badgley Mischka Earrings, $170


Oh wow. I definitely need to see this movie. Looks beautiful, and you’ve found a lovely collection of items!


I love this movie. Great story, but the sets and costumes are what really made me swoon.


Saw this movie over the weekend & haven’t been able to get it out of my head since! Thanks for the lovely post- you captured it perfectly.


Love this post. You are spot on – digging into the scenes with all their textures and artifacts. I’m a fan! The places are so important in the movie that the sites themselves tell a story. For more on the spatial front, there’s ‘Movie Lover’s Paris’ iPhone app – an artful hijacking of reality to further explore the relationship between story and place… with cafés along the way.


I adore your “living in” posts. Sometimes your posts are better than the films themselves. The ’20s cocktail party at Deyrolle would definitely be where I’d go in dreamland, given the chance!


Oh I so want to see this movie now! I’m curious about the scene with the taxidermy, might have been shot at Deyrolle? (I loved that place)
I have a quick two-day trip to Paris booked about a fortnight from now, I have to see this before I go!


oh my, I can’t wait to see this movie. It’s all my friends can talk about, and now I am sooo anxious to see it. That chiffon flapper dress is to die for!


What a great “living in” post. I loved this movie! Hemingway was hilarious; Adrian Brody’s quick part as Dali was too, and Alison Pil who played Zelda Fitzgerald was super adorable. The party at the taxodermy shop was gorgeous. I wish that car could pick me up at midnight to take me to the 20’s!


Loved this movie! My guy is a huge Woody Allen fan, so I’m forced to see everything that comes out. To be honest, I really hated Paris (all the smoking) and this movie made me want to re-visit and give it another shot.


One of the best movies of the year! Thank you so much!!! This is wonderful!


lovely post…and maybe because i’m an artist, but I just LOVED that movie…every bit of it!!


The interiors were to die for, but it was the outdoor night scenes that broke my heart! Was it the lightine or the pitch of the sidewalks? I don’t know, but I felt like I was walking the streets of Paris again. I want to go to the flea market!

Alexis @ persia lou

I was so happy to see this post! When I was leaving the movie, I seriously thought, “I hope they do a “living in” post of this at Design Sponge.” Yay!

Carol Arrington

Loved this movie! Love the period. And it was every thing a movie should be. I loved photos of my mother in twenties attire.

Carol Arrington

Loved the movie! loved photos of my mother in twenties attire.

renée joy

i just saw this movie…in paris! it was playing (in english w/french subtitles) at a little theater in the montparnasse, a little ways down from the apartment we were staying at. excellent choice for a “living in”, and one of the highlights of our little parisian vacation!


I just saw this movie yesterday and thought, “I wonder if Design Sponge will ever do a Living in…” You DID! Thank you so much! Now if I could just figure out where to get the adorable white dress with red trim Adriana is wearing I’d be a very happy girl.


The movie is fun and sweet, but when I saw it all I could think about was wanting to live inside this movie in one of those adorable dresses! What a perfect “Living In.”


Beautiful post, and I agree with Eva: I had no idea this film was so beloved on the blogs! I haven’t seen it yet but literally just finished reading “The Paris Wife” so my head is definitely in this space. Another great “Living In” – I’ll drink to that.


What is not to love about Paris? What a great post! 2 Springs away from last visit and missing it so much! Loved the movie! Loved seeing our apartment neighborhood..Saint-Germain des Pres so spotlighted. I knew what was around every corner! As a fellow designer, I loved your attention to details in sets! Great eye! Merci!


Love it! So well re-interpreted from the movie, which was wonderful in so many ways!

Piper M.

Love love LOVE this movie. I really wish I could literally live in it. Gives me butterflies to think that I’ll be in Paris in October!!


I know I’m a little late to the party, but for those who love the movie, and especially for those like Piper who are going to Paris in October, you should definitely check out the Midnight in Paris map app from Parsing Place in the itunes app store, it is an awesome interactive map of cool places in the movie.

Bridget from Refined Vintage

I was looking through the archives, I can’t believe I missed this one, I have to see this movie, i have been a woody Allen fan since the 70’s. you always s capture the essence of the film! It looks very interesting!

Mary O Sullivan

Does anyone know where I could buy the white dress with the red trim that Adriana is wearing in the first picture?
Saw film today – loved film and that dress!!
Thanks Mary