july 4th party by found vintage rentals

The holiday weekend is almost here and I’m so excited to head home to Virginia for family, food and fireworks. I love seeing how different families and friends celebrate for July 4th, so I’m happy to kick off today with photos from a great July 4th party thrown by Jeni Maus of Found Vintage Rentals. Every year Jeni and her family throw a July 4th party from their 1926 English Tudor home, which has a perfect view of the town’s firework show a few blocks over.

Instead of traditional red, white and blue, Jeni decided to put her spin on things and focus on a navy blue, magenta and teal color palette, accented with vintage furniture and decorations from her collection. In addition to the decor, Jeni hired a taco truck to feed her guests and Marie Dannettelle of Sweets Indeed to create sweet treats for the party. Marie was kind enough to share a recipe with us today for the Strawberry Filled Donuts she served at the party, so join me after the jump for more party pictures and a great summer party recipe…[All photos by Studio EMP Photography] xo, grace

*You can download the popcorn bag graphics and signage Jeni used right here, and pick up the July 4th mini skewers right here.

11 More party images and the Strawberry filled donut recipe after the jump…

Strawberry Filling Recipe

4 cups of strawberries
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup water
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 tbsp. cornstarch
Crush 2 cups of strawberries, add 3/4 cup water and bring to a boil. Simmer for 2 minutes. Strain berries and save the juice. Combine sugar, cornstarch, honey and maple syrup into the same pan (with the strawberries). Bring to a boil and add the juice back in. Stir until thick and remove from heat. Add the other 2 cups of strawberries whole or cut in half. Serve warm or let cool and serve cold.
Cut donuts in half and add filling. Use a small tongue depressor or thick toothpick to hold the donut together. Enjoy!!

You can use glazed donuts from any donut shop or bake your own! An easy recipe for first time donut makers can be found at Allrecipes.com here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/fluffy-cake-doughnuts/detail.aspx

Bev Weidner

I’m so excited to go to this party!

Oh, wait.

Regardless, the setting is amazing and it looks like s’gonna be a gerd time!

Eileen Pandolfo

I never leave comments, but I couldn’t resist. This is absolutely gorgeous. I’m totally jealous (in a good way). Enjoy!


I just love FOUND vintage rentals…they always do it up right…and this is no exception :) The SWEETS banner is just my style! <3


Love the front yard photo – they all are visual eye candy! Hopping over now to get the fluffy donut recipe – thanks for sharing! xoxo michele

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

I would love to know what typeface she used for the “Sweets” banner–it’s like a supercharged version of Rosewood, one of my favorites.

Makes me wish I had friends who threw parties like this! ;)


By far the coolest 4th of July party I’ve ever been too!! Jeni is amazing, and it’s so cool to see her on here!! Go Jeni!!! :)


pretty, but:
“1926 English Tudor home” I think a “-style” is needed in there somewhere: the Tudors are a bit further away than 1926…


Furniture in the front yard…that’s the only way to really have a party when the Fourth of July parade passes your house (or maybe that’s not the case here, but still it’s a great day on Independence Day, which to celebrate independence from dumb rules. Anyhow, love the decorations, this woman really knocked herself out …me, I just focus on da food.


What a fantastic treat for the eyes, I wish i was there in person to see it! Lots of love of from Canada!


I’m going to throw my niece a carnival birthday party in a few weeks and i’m feeling very inspired by your 4th of July party!!!


those picture are fabulous. i love all the decors and the food wow it looks yummy…

Tim@turkey fryers reviews

I just say your interview on Fox and found your blog.

I really like your posts and found this one inspirational!!!! I checked out Found Vintage Rental’s website. Very interesting! I guess the thing that inspired my thinking was that there is no boundaries in party themes. The only boundary is our imagination.



Rosettes!!!! I am obsessed with having rosettes for my country fair style wedding in Australia. I would love to know where to get some, or how to make some, like these? Puleeze?


Just found this blog article via thewhitelibrary.com ! Is the corrugated fencing part of the traveling taco company’s ? Or is that your own construction? If it’s the later, how do you make it? Love It!


This is so beautiful! The link for the bag printable is broken though. Is it just me?