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Our Favorite Desserts

by Kristina Gill

While reading through Jo Metcalf Scott & Co.’s sneak peek on Monday,  I was delighted to discover a link to her flat mate’s friend’s cake business, Rhubarb and Rose.  Normally, I don’t need any encouragement to go out and seek great cake, but something about this cake and the happy mom-to-be just made me so happy, I have been thinking about cake non-stop.  I thought it would be a great chance to highlight some of the most popular cakes featured on the In the Kitchen With column over the past few years.  I’ve had the chance to make and eat most of these, and they are really really really fantastic.  Thanks to the many talented people who have shared their recipes with us.  If you’ve tried any of these, or any of them have become a favorite, please let us know!  –Kristina

Irish-born food photographer and stylist, Katie Quinn Davies shared her favorite cake with us, Nigella Lawson’s Guinness Chocolate Cake. Many of you wrote in to share how much you enjoyed making it!  Beer and chocolate, what could be better?

Brooklyn-based artist Lena Corwin shared her mother’s recipe for Pumpkin Cranberry and Walnut Bread.  Technically, not a cake, I keep it in the cake category because it brings me the same amount of happiness as a proper cake.  I get regular requests for this at work.  It is addictive.  Seriously.

The Texan sisters behind Hable Construction gave us an easy tasty Country Style Chocolate Chip cake to put together.  I love all the chocolate chips and its moist texture.   Bonnee Sharp shared a similar recipe with rum, if you don’t like chocolate!  I love them both.

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Definitely a show stopper, Turkish food blogger Cenk Sönmezsoy shared one of his favorite ways to consume his favorite food, chocolate.   His Devil’s Food Cake is a pleaser, and the technique for making the chards is an added bonus you can use on other occasions!


Rachel Manley, the culinary creative behind The Breakfast Club pop-up brunch in Brixton, whipped up a delightful Blood Orange and Almond yogurt cake just for us.  Blood oranges are out of season now, but don’t let that deter you.  Try your favorite citrus to make the curd that you’ll sandwich between the layers with whipped cream.  Soooo delicious!!


Though these are little cakes, readers really loved these Gluten-Free Rhubarb Financiers created for us by food photographer Helene Dujardin, also known as Tartelette.   Together with the financiers, Helene also included a recipe for coconut ice cream!  Perfect for summer!


When I took a trip to Long Beach, California to learn a little food photography from Matt Armendariz, I first dropped a note to one of my absolute favorite food writers, Nigel Slater, for permission to use his recipe on the column.  Much to my surprise, he wrote back both before, to say yes, and after to say how beautiful the images turned out!  His Courgette Cake, made with grated zucchini and apples, is a mainstay in my kitchen from November to March.  I make one every Saturday.  There’s no reason you can’t make it with your best zucchini all summer long!

When I think of Ming Thompson, I think of barbecue, one of my favorite recipes ever.  However, I first came across Ming’s work thanks to her cupcake website.  Ming no longer makes cupcakes on her site, but her pistachio olive oil cake with fig compote filling and cream cheese frosting lives on in our archive, as one of your favorite cakes.  It’s made with dry figs, so no need to wait til September to get started.


The recipe for this Banana Bread comes all the way from South Africa, via Skinny LaMinx’s notebook of recipes.  Heather’s grandmother gave the recipe to her, and it evokes wonderful memories of childhood for her.  For me, it’s just plain good.  It is another recipe produced in Matt’s studio with the help of food stylist, Adam C Pearson.  No wonder it looks as good as it tastes!  And let me tell you, it is realllyyy good.

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  • I like the looks of Nigella Lawson’s cake because the frosting looks artful, yet easy. Frosting is something I never much want to deal with. My favorite, extremely easy, is chocolate sour cream from a 2001 Gourmet: 1 1/4 lb. finely chopped milk chocolate (I use good quality chocolate chips), 10 oz. semi-sweet chocolate (chopped or chips), 3 cups sour cream, 2 tsps vanilla. Melt the chocolate, stir in the sour cream and vanilla. Frost.

  • The Hable Construction cake (which is how I have it labeled in my recipe book) has become my all time favorite. I only bake it when I have a crowd to feed it to. Otherwise, I would eat the whole thing myself!

  • These look so scrumptious. I’m hungry now! I haven’t had Guinness Cake before, but I have had Guinness cupcakes and they were pretty great. I could go for some cake with that amazing frosting right about today.

  • Oh that HABLE CONSTRUCTION cake is sooo good, it is always a party favorite! I have made it a few times, and its so easy children can even help!

  • I love Lena’s pumpkin bread. I have given it as Xmas gifts for the past few years. It’s always well received.

  • The chocolate shards cake looks MOST appealing. Knowing me, I would peel off all the shards and leave the cake NAKED…wearing its birthday suit only. Actually baker would need to come by and refrost it. That’s just me, chocolate shard freak!

  • I made the Guinnes Chocolate cake for St. Patty’s day and it was by far the best chocolate cake I have ever made. Every baker needs a bad-ass chocolate cake in her repertoire – thanks for helping me find mine!

  • I too made the Guinness Cake (2 times around Christmas last year), and it was hands-down the greatest dessert I’ve ever baked! Thanks D*S!

  • I made the Guinness chocolate cake for my daughter’s birthday in January, and everybody -even the people on a diet- went for seconds…. It’s delicious just extraordinary. I also made the almond yogourt cake, and it was very good but less impressive because I have been making yogourt cakes since I was a kid (in Spain and france is one of the first and most common cakes). It was however a new spin on something well known and loved.

    Looking at the pictures I’m willing to dare the 35ºC in my kitchen to bake something new….

  • Oh these look absolutely delicious. Makes me want to ditch my healthy, sugar/dessert-free diet. AHHHHHH


  • LOVE the blood orange almond cake. Lots of steps, but each one was absolutely worth it.

    I haven actually made the Guiness cake yet, but the picture is so gorgeous that I made it my wallpaper for weeks after you originally posted it.

  • I made the aforementioned rum cake when the recipe appeared a few years ago. It was simply divine! I would love to try these beauties!

  • What a great compilation of deliciousness! I was salivating by the time I reached the end of the post, and as we’re celebrating Canada Day up here, I spent part of my holiday morning whipping up that banana bread. (Stores are closed, but luckily I had all the ingredients already waiting in the kitchen!)

    It’s still cooling now, but it smells so fantastic that I can’t wait to dig in. Thanks for the baking inspiration!

  • Hable Construction’s Country Chocolate Chip Cake is calling my name. I think I’ll be making it today (in addition to the cherry pie my daughter has been asking to make). Guess I’ll add July 4th to the list of holidays that make me gain weight ; )

    Thanks for all the inspiration and Happy Fourth to everyone!

  • i have only tried the lena corwin recipe, but i love love love it! i make it frequently during the fall and winter, but i think i just might go out and get the ingredients today for a summer batch.

  • The best chocolagr cake is beatty’s chocolate cake in barefoot contessa at home by Ina Garten!

  • I made the Guinness Chocolate Cake a few months ago and it was amazing! I will definitely be making it again!

  • The chocolate Guinness cake is amazing! I made them as cupcakes last year and added some beer into the cream cheese frosting too! so delish.