d*s book preview: 50% off pre-order at barnes & noble!

When I started writing Design*Sponge at Home, I knew I wanted the book to be as big as possible. And by “big” I mean literally- my goal was to create a seriously hefty (but pretty) design bible that would contain everything I ever wanted a design book to have. At the same time, I wanted to find a way to keep something of that size affordable, so we worked incredibly hard to keep the book costs low and edit closely so the price would be well under that of another book around that size (400+ pages). I was thrilled to finally nail that ratio of large-book-to-affordable-price, but I was even happier when I heard that Barnes & Noble was interested in offering D*S readers a special discount this week: 50% off the book if you pre-order between now and Friday!

Even though we worked hard to keep the price point as low as possible, I know that everyone has budget-concerns and sometimes an extra discount never hurts. So if you go to the Design*Sponge at Home book page at Barnes & Noble today, you can get a 50% discount on the book (400 pages for $17.50) now through end of the day Friday, July 29th (it officially ends at 2:59am EST on July 30th)! For anyone looking for a little bit of a price break, I hope this discount will help.

In addition, Barnes & Noble is giving you a special exclusive sneak peek inside the book! They’re sharing four full book spreads including: A gorgeous Brooklyn home tour, a full DIY brick bookend project, two full floral arrangement how-tos and two awesome before & after makeovers! To see the spreads and pre-order with the 50% discount, click here. (You’ll see text links to open the book spread images under the section called “NOTE: EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEKS”).

Thanks so much to Barnes & Noble for extending this discount to D*S readers and for sharing peeks into more of the book. You can click here to read more about Design*Sponge at Home and check out the fall 2011 book tour schedule. xo, grace


shucks. i tried to pre-order in-store with the discount, but it has to be done online…. let’s see… Looking great, though! I had pinned it a few weeks ago! :) Congrats, Grace.


So great! I just ordered mine. Only $25 including shipping to Canada. Sweetness.


Thanks for the heads up! I had pre-ordered elsewhere, but this is a better deal.

Can’t wait for it to arrive!


This is so generous of you! Just ordered mine…can’t wait for it! Congrats on the book :) And as previously stated, only $25 to deliver to Canada…it’s a total steal.


So excited! $35 is an excellent price point, but everyone loves a discount! Also, if you have a B&N members card you’ll get free express shipping. : )


Just ordered 2 copies! When is the projected release date though? Couldn’t find that info anywhere. Still November sometime?

Amy Azzarito

Hi Jessica –
The book will be released September 6. :)


Thanks so much for the heads up…..Just ordered me a copy!


That is a great discount and I love that little tied bouquet,can’t wait to see more.


Aaaaaaand purchased. Can’t wait! Another hefty design book is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Sinclaire McEwigg

Woot! Help indeed! Just bought it and am now anxiously awaiting the release date… :D

cris camarena

just ordered it! look forward to getting it, I’m sure it will be pure delight. Congratulations on such an achievement.


I just preordered as well! Very exciting! Thank you for sharing the deal.. it will be a nice treat when it comes in the mail in September!


Ditto everyone else! Just ordered and cannot wait til it arrives. Big congrats on the book!!


Order placed! It’ll be like the very best surprise present when it shows up on my doorstep.


Just ordered mine! The discount helps so much! Thank you thank you!


I have ordered mine as well – a great deal even with additional shipping to Canada. Can’t wait.


Awesome. I immediately clicked over to get my copy (especially w/free express shipping since I’m a BN member). I was asking myself before today whether I really need another design book and, if I’m honest with myself, I don’t since I have a few dozen already. But this terrific offer was too hard to resist. Something else will have to come off the shelf to make room for this book!


Hi Grace, will the book be published in german? If so, I’d wait with my purchase and if not, the german price is quite good, too!


I knew I was saving that BN gift card for something! Yay! I can’t wait to peruse this!


Just pre-ordered from Canada. Can’t wait to receive it. Congrats on your success!


ps. on amazon you can see previews of at least 30 pages (in large/clear pictures,) plus the anthropology bonus section at the end. just click on ‘search inside this book’ under the picture of the book cover. looks great!


Got it pre-ordered! Thanks for the heads up on the discount.


Bummed. I pre-ordered when first possible through Powell’s and they won’t let me cancel.

Grace Bonney

Sorry Tina- but you’re doing a great thing supporting one of the best indie book stores around :)



I just ordered mine and i am super excited … i hope the journey to Australia treats it well.


just ordered: only $30 shipping included all the way to little ol’ new zealand! will be great while we’re rennovating our 1900s cottage during next year :D congrats grace!!!


I am pretty excited to see the book. It looks like a lot of thought went into putting it together. YOU MUST BE THRILLED!! I ordered it from Amazon for $17.50 as well and will save with the super saver shipping too.


Yay! Just preordered! It’s so great to get an affordable book like this…and the discount really makes paying for shipping to Canada not seem so bad! Thank you! Congrats on what looks like an amazing book!


I just pre-ordered! So happy! I was waiting for a discount like this, ’cause I have to pay the shipping to Chile! Now I only had to pay $30. Can’t wait!


ordered it! i am so excited :) :) hoping to get some ideas for the wedding i’m planning


Ordered three!! Did someone say early Christmas shopping?


Just pre-ordered too! So excited! I ordered Domino: The Book of Decorating at the same time to get free shipping as well as the awesome deal, so it’ll be a lovely little design book bundle arriving in September! Best thing is I’ll probably forget about it by then, so it’ll be a fantastic surprise :)


Just wondering if you’ll be doing a book tour? I work at a Barnes and Noble in Richmond, VA and it would make my summer if you were going to be stopping by!

Grace Bonney


Yep! You can check the DS book page (link in the top nav above) for the dates- we will be in Richmond in November :)