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d*s book preview: 50% off pre-order at barnes & noble!

by Grace Bonney

When I started writing Design*Sponge at Home, I knew I wanted the book to be as big as possible. And by “big” I mean literally– my goal was to create a seriously hefty (but pretty) design bible that would contain everything I ever wanted a design book to have. At the same time, I wanted to find a way to keep something of that size affordable, so we worked incredibly hard to keep the book costs low and edit closely so the price would be well under that of another book around that size (400+ pages). I was thrilled to finally nail that ratio of large-book-to-affordable-price, but I was even happier when I heard that Barnes & Noble was interested in offering D*S readers a special discount this week: 50% off the book if you pre-order between now and Friday!

Even though we worked hard to keep the price point as low as possible, I know that everyone has budget-concerns and sometimes an extra discount never hurts. So if you go to the Design*Sponge at Home book page at Barnes & Noble today, you can get a 50% discount on the book (400 pages for $17.50) now through end of the day Friday, July 29th (it officially ends at 2:59am EST on July 30th)! For anyone looking for a little bit of a price break, I hope this discount will help.

In addition, Barnes & Noble is giving you a special exclusive sneak peek inside the book! They’re sharing four full book spreads including: A gorgeous Brooklyn home tour, a full DIY brick bookend project, two full floral arrangement how-tos and two awesome before & after makeovers! To see the spreads and pre-order with the 50% discount, click here. (You’ll see text links to open the book spread images under the section called “NOTE: EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEKS”).

Thanks so much to Barnes & Noble for extending this discount to D*S readers and for sharing peeks into more of the book. You can click here to read more about Design*Sponge at Home and check out the fall 2011 book tour schedule. xo, grace

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