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diy project: chevron pattern fan blades

by Halligan

When my husband and I first moved into our house, we were on a tight budget, and a fancy ceiling fan was not in the plan. The last residents left this fan, and I’ve never liked it. This week, I decided to give my fan an upgrade and share it with everyone. The full project was completed in just a couple hours, and now our fan looks cool while keeping us cool! You can download the chevron pattern I made, but the great thing about this project is that you can customize it yourself to fit your home. You could even use a decorative paper or make up your own original pattern. — Halligan

Read the full how-to after the jump!


  • frisket film (available at most art supply stores)
  • computer, printer and paper
  • scissors
  • spray paint
  • screw driver
  • masking tape
  • spray adhesive



1. Download and print the chevron pattern here.

2. Spray adhesive paper pattern onto the non-sticky side of the frisket paper and cut out zigzags.

3. Unscrew the blades from the arms. Clean all blade surfaces.

4. Carefully peel down a zigzag tip to expose the sticky paper. Lay down and slowly peel and stick the masking tape. Stick as many zigzags as desired.

5. Carefully mask off the fan-blade edges and any other part of the fan blade that you do not want painted.

6. After all is prepared, spray paint the blades. Let them dry, peel off your masking tape and you are done! Now put your fan back together and cool off!


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  • Love this! How coincidental is it that a ceiling fan fell into my lap (not literally, thank goodness!) over the weekend? This DIY will be perfect for it – thanks for sharing!

  • So smart! I will never stop being amazed by creative uses for chevron patterns. If you’re a rented, you could also use vinyl to spruce up a boring fan. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ah Love this.. never thought of painting my fan blades.. but this design and color would actually work really well in my blue/orange living room!

  • I’ve been wanting a chevron rug to add that pattern to a room but I think now I’m going to do this since there is a very plain ceiling fan already in there! Best idea I’ve seen all month…thanks…

  • AWESOME!!!! What a clever idea!!! I seriously can’t wait to buy a house or rent somewhere that allows me to paint!

    Beige walls, beige carpet, beige cabinets… I never want to see beige again! Bring on the bright blue chevron fans!!!

    I’m totally going to do it, I promise! Haha! =)

  • My mind is racing. Being in AZ, ceiling fans are an unfortunate necessity, which makes for some dull lighting. But now… Anyone else seen any other ideas along these lines for sprucing up a boring fan? Other than the old “painting each fan blade a separate primary color”? :)

  • This is great! However, I live in a rental, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to spray pant the fan (lest I’m forced to replace it when I move). Wonder if this could be done with tape or something similar that’s removable?

  • To all Renters – Not sure if you know that you can purchase fan blades that fit almost any fan! When I bought some years back they were pretty inexpensive too. Perhaps you could paint now and replace with new ones when you leave your rental?? Just an idea!

  • Now that is such a clever idea! Sometimes you just need to HAVE a ceiling fan in a room for air circulation, and who wouldn’t mind having one like this? So super cute.

  • This is brilliant, I did not want to spend more money on purchasing another fan for my daughters room. Though her white dinky looking fan makes me nauscious instead of cooling me down. So this helps without having to go crazy installing, and buying.

  • Just popped over from ohdeedoh to find out the how-to’s for this ceiling fan paint idea! I am in love with it! GREAT project idea, thank you for sharing!!

  • I have been dying to replace the horrible ceiling fan that came with the house we bought last summer, but now that we have the house we have no money. Why didn’t I ever think of painting it what a great idea! Thank you.

  • Ha, I have been searching for a simple white fan like that… believe me they have gotten even uglier.

  • Great idea. I love DIY, its my fav.

    Ceiling fans can be a real eyesore, but this project actually makes it a point of interest in the room. Super cool.

    You should check out my site for diy stuff too… (www.loveinhabit.com) I made this great headpiece for my daughter… always something new!

  • I love this and am going to try it today. I have ceiling fans in every room of my house – does anyone have any other pattern ideas?

  • My question is what do you do if the blades are brown. Can you paint those white? If so what paint is best to use and would I need to sand them first?

  • Omg! This is pretty much my exact, crappy, boring living room ceiling fan–and I was going to ditch it! Well now I’m totally not. :D I may not do a chevron pattern, but I never would’ve thought of painting it! Swell!

  • Looks lovely. Want to try. But please explain the image with the blue masking tape in the center of the fan blade. Doesn’t the frisket film stick on its own? And wouldn’t the masking tape mess up the pattern once you spray paint?

  • I just finished painting my dinning room last night, and by mixing left over paints together, I finally got the perfect color I was looking for. Long story short, as I was sitting back and admiring my work with a well deserved glass of wine there was one thing that was driving me crazy my fan light. It looked so ugly, it is perfectly functional and I didn’t want to run out and purchase another light. I did consider just painting out the blades, but when I came across this today, it was meant to be, I LOVE IT!!

  • Where did you get the letters you have hung on the wall?? I love the font and have been looking for something similar!

  • I’m in the process of painting hummingbirds on my fan blades. A friend is doing the painting. Wish us luck