DIY best of: office

The office is one my favorite “rooms” in the house because so often it’s not even a room— it’s a converted closet, a dining table working double duty, or a well-organized nook. I love seeing how people customize their homes to make room for a workspace that suits their needs, and I can say from personal experience that nothing beats working in an organized setting, even if it’s not officially an office. Here are 13 of our our favorite office-related DIY projects to help you organize and decorate your own workspace. No office is complete without a bit of personalization, and these DIY desks, storage pieces, and decorative office accessories are a great place to start. Enjoy, and happy working! —Kate

Image above: Maggi’s minimalist floating oak desk is perfect for setting up office in small spaces.

12 More office-related DIY projects after the jump!

Image above: Adorable fabric covered thumbtacks from DIY expert Jessica Jones.

Image above: Get your papers in order with Derek and Lauren’s days-of-the-week folders.

Image above: Brittni’s cork containers provide a great surface for keeping photos and inspiration images while also providing a spot for flowers, pencils, and other knick-knacks.

Image above: Derek and Lauren’s recycled inside-out security envelopes are prettier than most new envelopes on the market, and cost nothing!

Image above: Katherine Jalaty’s lovely vintage fabric file folders.

Image above:  Document your travels— be it future dream plans or previous trips— on Halligan’s corkboard travel map.

Image above: Chris Gardener’s awesome hand printed mouse pads.

Image above: More great ideas from Jessica Jones—fabric covered office supplies.

Image above: Start off the beginning of the next tax year right with this colorful air mail envelope book.

Image above: Add a little love to your desk with these simple to make heart-shaped paper clips.

Image above: Use an old painting to create an artful magnet board to store your notes and pictures.

Image above: Casey’s wallpaper covered file cabinet.


my recent office improvement: nasty old filing cabinet spray-painted w rustoleum gold metallic paint, and a handsome silk tassel attached to the cabinet key. voila! who knew a person could love a filing cabinet so much?!

Ana, Weird Amiga

I love the minimalism of the floating desk —maybe in another life, one where I don’t need vast spaces for the spreading, and the gluing, and the sewing.

The inside-out envelopes are a great idea!!


Great ideas — really like the cork containers, the business envelopes idea was brilliant, and the wall paper file cabinet is a nice touch to improve on something ordinary, but I especially love that you tossed the McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon coaster on the magnetic board… good times and great memories.

Relish Home

Great ideas, I am definitely going to “borrow” the file cabinet idea. I have been trying to decide what to do with my ugly old black file to make it look pretty! I love functional pieces that look great too. Thanks again DS!


I have been turning all of my paper clips into hearts ever since that DIY was originally posted. It absolutely makes my day every time I see one.


I really like the cork containers. Anything that serves a dual purpose is a favorite of mine!

Katy Kristin

LOVE the fabric covered office supplies! Gonna have to borrow that idea for my studio. I have a stapler that could really use a facelift.


Love the floating desk. What kind of chair is paired with that?


Love all of these projects. Thank you so much for sharing! Bookmarking and pinning!

Marisol T.

This was one of the best DS posts I’ve read in awhile – and that says a lot given the daily competition of amazing content. I love that these are all easy to do and applicable to so many! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!


Love the desk – and the chair is a cantilver style, comfortable for working but could be used in a living or dining area.


I don’t like this…I love this!!! Such cute projects…office would sure become much more fun this way! Especially love the binder clips….