cute accessories for ipads

Apple’s iPad was one tech accessory I fought for a long time. I couldn’t rationalize buying one and kept dismissing it as a useless piece of (beautiful) tech-geekery that would only add to my credit card bill and not my productivity. Cut to a few months later and a game called Angry Birds. After late nights spent trying to beat every level possible, I was a full-fledged iPad addict and started Googling all of the technical perks of the iPad to justify buying one for the business. Using it as a presentation and meeting tool pretty much sold me, and now I have one that everyone at D*S can use whenever needed. As much as I love the case it came with (I love a no-slip matte black finish), it’s always fun to switch things up a bit, so Kate rounded up some of her favorite cases and accessories for the iPad over at MyLifeScoop this morning. If you’re looking for a way to dress up your iPad, check out her full list of options right here. xo, grace

{The photograph above was taken by Veronica Belmont, tech guru and the owner of the first ever feline iPad stand :) }

Natalie @ Book, Line, and Sinker

Those are so nice options, but I’m sticking with a basic black one until the Etch-a-Sketch case is available for the iPad2 in 2012. :)


I love almost every iPad case I see, especially those sleek leather envelopes. But with no iPad, I keep trying to think of some other use for them. Document holder? Notebook (the analog kind) holder? Clutch?


I have the cat but sadly no ipad :( It’s on my birthday list though and I’ll be adding some of these lovely accessories to the list too!


I’ve got the iPad but not the cat… seems I’m going to have to choose from one of the other spectacular choices. The Apple smart cover is cool, but isn’t going to help when I inevitably drop it… so many great choices though.

Katrina Alana

Got an iPad and I’ve been searching for the perfect bag for it. I usually don’t like bringing a lot of stuff with me. Wish the black bag had a more vintage look. Almost perfect.

Carol Barclay

When I got my Ipad 2, the first place I went to look for a case was Etsy. I found a marvelous case from janinekingdesigns and there were many other folks making wonderful cases as well.


You forgot to mention the amazing Twelve South and their amazing Mac accessories.