carmageddon-inspired diy

by Grace Bonney

I love it when forced downtime produces something creative. Last week I couldn’t look at Twitter without seeing the hashtag #carmageddon (which didn’t end up being as bad as everyone expected), so I was curious to see how it would all work out. Luckily for a few people who chose to stay home and avoid the traffic, it turned into something fantastic. D*S reader Holly used her downtime to create her own hand-painted version of the classic David Hicks hexagon wallpaper. I love it when people tackle things with their own two hands, so it’s great to see a weekend where everyone panicked about cars result in such a gorgeous room. xo, grace

*Did anyone else use their carmageddon weekend to do something creative? I’d love to see what other projects people tackled with their no-car time . . .

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