carmageddon-inspired diy

I love it when forced downtime produces something creative. Last week I couldn’t look at Twitter without seeing the hashtag #carmageddon (which didn’t end up being as bad as everyone expected), so I was curious to see how it would all work out. Luckily for a few people who chose to stay home and avoid the traffic, it turned into something fantastic. D*S reader Holly used her downtime to create her own hand-painted version of the classic David Hicks hexagon wallpaper. I love it when people tackle things with their own two hands, so it’s great to see a weekend where everyone panicked about cars result in such a gorgeous room. xo, grace

*Did anyone else use their carmageddon weekend to do something creative? I’d love to see what other projects people tackled with their no-car time . . .


I love this! It’s so nice to have an excuse to spend some quality time with yourself or your space… carmageddon was a blessing in disguise!

Yay for Holly, her bedroom looks so beautiful and she must be SO proud! =)

pushups with polish

awesome wall! how amazing was it that for the first time in what seems like FOREVER there was no traffic in LA? amazing and so relaxing. xxo

Kate O

Wow, gorgeous! Looks like it was a real labor of love – emphasis on labor, with all that taping – but well worth the effort!

Carrie Hampton

Holy moley — the amount of work!!! It is so beautiful. I am obsessed with graphic pattern walls right now. My v good friend recently did her bedroom in tonal shades of light blue & gray. It’s gorg. Mind you – she’s a designer and created her own pattern too. STUNNING.
I’m not sure I have the patience.
– Carrie

Chrissy @MABSOOTa

I didn’t hear anything about this “carmageddon” until now. I got a good laugh reading all the opportunists that popped up selling things like $400 helicopter rides over the highway! :)

I want to know what music (if any) Holly listened to when working on this to maintain motivation during such a tedious process; hard work pays off though, it looks beautiful.


Those are the most lovely, soothing (and fabulous) colors. I’d love to know what they are. What kind of paint was used, and in what colors?


WOW, I so appreciate those who are able to have the patience to take on something like that, that ends up being so beautiful. It’s really awesome! Great work. There’s seems a cool texture that’s going on that makes it especially interesting.


This is beautiful! Where is the bedside chest of cabinets from?


OMG! Got enough time on your hands?? ;) I love it, but would not have the patience to pull it off. BTW – my brother is a crane operator on that site. Crazy LA media hyping it up. Totally was no big deal at all. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks!


i need to know where you got that fabulous bed/headboard?


Ooh, I did something like this in my old kitchen! Wish I had taken more pictures of it! One of the hardest parts of leaving that apartment!

sallie kate

Wow, that’s intense. I think you should definitely steam this off and take it with you if you ever have to move :)


Do the walls have texture or did you paint over wall paper?


lisa- the walls of my apartment have a crazy deep texture so that is what you are seeing. it is not paint over wallpaper.


WOW! The top photo looks like something I would see in Metropolitan Home or Elle Decor. I think you just found yourself another interesting biz opportunity. Yay Holly.

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

Oh my goodness. This is beautiful! So intricate…so much patience req’d. I’m totally impressed.
Ps. This may make me seem completely Canadian and Clueless, but what’s this thing about Carmaggedon?

Danielle from Decor & Dior

wow, this looks truly like wallpaper – impressive! why don’t they make cool stencils like this? i have gone to every craft store in the entire NYC area and all i find is damask or floral stencils. i want to do something cool like this!


Now that I’ve seen this headboard, I can’t think about anything else and I know I can never have it! I’m in the market for one right now and I so wish this one was mine!!!

susan g

WOW u go girl!!!! I thought i had patience but you have 10000 x’s more than I. I have some strange texture on my walls too and its in every room of my house I thunk it was a 50’s thing since thats when my house was built. I tried to do some stensiling and the paint ran under each little groove and I hd to go back and retouch by hand. UGH! Keep up the good work honey ur a natural.