before & after: pendant light + floral studio makeover

When Sarah first sent in images of the pendant lamp she made from old exhaust fans, I was excited to see more. I had no idea, however, that they were just part of a much larger production — the amazing renovation of this small floral studio. In addition to the light fixtures, which turned out wonderfully, Sarah brought warmth, sophistication and color into this space with some very well chosen details and all for a very reasonable budget. Wonderful work, Sarah! — Kate

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{All “after” images courtesy of Kate Osborne and Yan Photography}

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Time: 2 months

Cost: $1200 total ($21 for each light fixture)

Basics Steps: When I got the space, it was a plumbing shop that had moldy carpet, fake paneling on the walls, warped ceiling tiles with florescent lights and a machine that makes noises to scare away rats in the basement. I wanted the finished space to be fairly minimal and utilitarian because the floral business is a messy one. We ripped up the carpet, ripped off the paneling, drywalled the ceiling and some of the walls. We tiled the counter and put a concrete top on it. We laid reclaimed wood flooring in the front of the space where I meet my clients and a laminate floor in my workspace. We built the Brick House galvanized pipe shelf and a working counter, and a friend and I painted a floral mural on the front wall to mimic wallpaper. It was a tight budget, but I tried to be very resourceful and make anything I could myself. I think restricting myself forced me to be more creative, and I am really happy with the way it turned out. — Sarah



Sarah Winward

Thanks for the feature Kate! And thanks to Kate Osborne Photography and Diana Palmer of Yan Photography for the images!


Wow! What a transformation! -Love the light fixtures.


Luv the little footstool! Where did you find it (or did you make it)?


Wow what a transformation! The fixtures look amazing, so interesting and unique. Thanks for sharing this lovely space!


Melissa S.

That messy, nasty shop looks so intimidating to fix, but you’ve done a great job! It’s so bright and pretty now!


A tiny budget really does lead to creative solutions, this is fabulous!


amazing how good it looks compared to what it was before…especially love the fans turned into light fixtures


i don’t mean to be a debbie downer, but those dimensions don’t seem to add up, not to mention the first and second photos don’t seem to be of the same end of the room. shouldn’t the fifth photo in the set be the first “after” shot?


Amazing transformation and the exhaust fan lights are so clever…imagine what you could do with old bundt tins, etc. found at thrift stores. One light made from scratch and you’ll never look at pans, metal parts, the same again.


It hardly seems possible that those are the same place! What a spectacular makeover! Great feature!


Woah, that before was seriously scary. And a machine that makes noises to scare rats away?! Yikes! The after is so pretty. I love the industrial/farmhouse style and I was really struck by that floral mural. I think I need one! I love the light fixtures, too. Great work!


Sara, I’m obsessed with your ribbon shelves! If I were a mouse, I would wish it were my house.


OMG AJ, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that! The different shots really threw me off for a minute.

Otherwise the space is gorgeous, and kudos to having the vision to see the new space.


OMG, OMG! I love it. Adore the combination of feminine, rustic & industrial. The pendants are fantastic. I would shop there in an instant. $1,200? Not bad at all.


Wow! That lamp is incredible. And the whole studio transformation is just stunning!! The space is so inviting. I think this is my favorite before and after.


Can we get a step by step on making the light fixtures?

Tequila b

All i can say is wow, i didn’t see the potential in the first shot but the outcome was amazing…. keep these coming!

judith b.

I love EVERYTHING about this before and after…and the gorgeous mural has me obsessed with wondering what the original fabric is that inspired it! It looks like a Collier+Campbell print…is it? I’m dying to know-pretty please?


I love original lamp projects, what a fantastic makeover! I would never have known it was the same space, great work!


I would also love a step by step for the light fixtures. I love them!

linda k

I don’t understand where you keep your flowers? Is all the work done in the basement? What about holding space for things ready to be picked up? I love the look but I don’t understand how it works?


Love the lamps! So inspired as I’m a floral designer currently looking for new space. Perfect timing – thank you!


I’m obsessed with your lamps! Please oh please provide us a step by step how to! Your space is amazing!!


Amazing! I love the vintage crates. I wonder where I could get my hands on some..


Love it!! I could be so happy designing in that studio. And such a creative idea to use the exhaust fans for lighting. Beautiful! Great job!


How great is tht space! Well thought out and the result is charming! Good Luck and may your business prosper! Debbie


thanks for the inspiration! my fiance owns a nursery and we were thinking of renovating the old floral studio but weren’t quite sure how to do it. thank you so much for showing us how it can be done and that we can do it, too :)


This is so inspiring! I love it. Amazing to see what you can do with such a small space. Awesome work!


I hope one day you’ll come to paris and makeover my place !
LOVE your work !


the site is hard to navigate.. unless I’m missing something. After each article it has several thumbnail photos that I can’t enlarge by clicking and it says ‘more info after the jump’ but after the jump it just goes to the next story entry. I have to click on the category, such as “Before & After” to actual read the full article and see all the photos. cumbersome. Just some feedback – hope it helps.


am I the only on missing the old basic blog formats not just here, but all over the place? Wonderful transformation though- great eye good luck with your new venture


ok now I just went to Sarah’s website wow what an exceptional florist. Love the round trestle table where is that from?


I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog since she did my sister’s wedding this June. And yes she is an AMAZING florist! I knew your shop used to be a plumbing supply store but I had no idea that’s what it looked like before you took over. You’re an amazing designer too Sarah. I’ll have to make a trip up from Utah Valley one day to see it!

Manmeet Singh

Cute. I can feel the love that went into designing this space


Love it! Such a great transformation. Love all the light and the repurposed fans are just brilliant. p.s. anything with chalkboard paint gets my vote. All the best!


lovely shop! I have to admit I was wondering were the flowers were stored too? And to those wondering about the the before and after picture are the same – look at the orientation of the door and counter – they are flipped in the fifth photo – cause its the front of the shop and the before and after are the back of the shop. Its looks like they added a partial wall covering the two windows in the back, which is why the desk is at the “back of the photo” but underneath the heating? unit in the wall.



I just purchased one of these exhaust fans at an antique show and I’m looking for a tutorial on how to create a pendant light out of it. At the start of this post, it says more info on that after the jump, but I don’t see a link to click for a jump! Please help :)