before and after

before & after: hutch makeover

by Kate Pruitt

Jesyka D’Itri Marés managed to pack two incredibly creative makeovers into her dining room, and although this hutch was featured on Centsational Girl earlier this year, we felt the pair of projects was too charming to resist. The untreated hutch was lovely to begin with, albeit a bit damaged, but Jesyka had a vision for what this piece could become, and I love that she customized the look down to the last detail. The abstract wallpaper is an awesome way to set off the interior, and the gold trim complements the icy blue hue beautifully. Great job, Jesyka! — Kate

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Read more about Jesyka’s extensive makeover of this china hutch after the jump!


Time: 5 days

Cost: $138 (including hutch and all supplies)

Basic Steps: I removed all doors and hardware. I used a safe stripper to strip off the old peeling varnish, and then I sanded it all down. I took the broken door to a glass house to have the glass replaced. I was inspired by some painted furniture I had seen on Pinterest, and although my first instinct was to stain it espresso, there was a voice nagging me in the back of my head that I had done that enough, and this piece needed to be something new. I decided I really wanted to pop out some of the molding on the piece, and I really wanted a patterned backing, so I mixed three interior paint colors I had in the house (aqua, ivory and gray), and I went with the gold touches (model paint!) and the contact-paper backing. I installed lighting and turned a fixed center window into a door. Also, Anthropologie knobs can make almost any piece of furniture!

Don’t be afraid to try something new! The worst thing that can happen is you change it to what you originally wanted to do, but you have gained a valuable learning experience! Really, it’s just a piece of furniture; have fun with it! I’m so happy I trusted my instinct here. I also won’t be surprised if I re-imagine this hutch one day. :D — Jesyka

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  • Wow! It’s very Alice in Wonderland in the best possible way. Interesting that she kept the Early American hardware on the lower part. I’m in the midst of re-doing a 1970’s piece with the same type of pulls and had been considering keeping them as well. Looks fantastic.

  • This is absolutely GORGEOUS so I really don’t want to hear any snarky comments about how awful and horrible it is that she painted something that just so happened to be made out of wood!

    • Thank you! I LOVE the look of painted furniture. It makes your treasures stand out from the rest! Hate when people try to talk me out of it. Go pine for the Pine somewhere else!

  • I really like this! I bought a somewhat similar hutch at a garage sale last week and was looking for some inspiration. I think this fit the bill! Thanks so much for sharing, you did an excellent job on this piece.

  • This is awesome – I love the paper backing, though I can’t tell from the description if you painted it (the contact paper) yourself or if that’s a pattern you can buy. If so, I’d like to try to find it somewhere. Can you elaborate?

  • I really hate these faux early-American pieces, so I am amazed at how much I like what Jesyka’s done with it. I think the comment “Alice in Wonderland” sums it up perfectly.

  • I’ve been looking for beautiful contact paper! I’m dying over this print!! I haven’t been able to find any pretty contact paper, could you please share the resource? Amazing result! Congrats!

  • Bold! This is pretty unique and a really excellent vision. The whole look and colours has a very french Palace of Versailles type feel, especially with the gold detail.
    Kudos for letting yourself experiment and try something new.

  • Hi Sarah! I bought the contact paper from a seller on eBay. The seller claimed it was “vintage” but on the wrapper it said it was 2004! I don’t believe it is in print anymore… :( I discovered chicshelfpaper.com after I did this project though! Maybe you can find something you like there? :)

  • Hmmm, I am 1 of those people who can’t bear painting wood other than fiberboard….I wd hv preferred antiquing or something. (& Anthropologies knobs are NOT cheap by any means!!)

  • great colors! I am amazed you had the future seeking ability to invision this transformation. I find pieces like this all the time, but without that creative ability they cant be transformed into something like that!!!! great job !!!! how do pick the color scheme… i seem to cover my pieces with samples and get confused…

  • Prefer the “before” look. At least that had character and soul. This plastic looking thing is a terrible choice.

  • Am I the only one who just plain doesn’t like this hutch? I’m not saying the colors and patterns aren’t cute but the overall look of it just.. turns me off in a big way.

  • A pretty playful gustavian transformation–I would think! Imagine w rustic wood table with it on painted white floorboards. Love when furniture redo’s push the boundries with color and pattern. Would have been just as lovely to see it painted chalky white–but this hits it out of the park. I can see its not a homerun for everyone in the comments–but it certainly is for me!

  • I usually prefer when pretty, classic, well made, wood furniture is restored & refinished… this is not one of those pieces. It is probably from the 70s &, although well made, the backing is probably of paneling & the drawers are not very strong. It is PERFECT & delicious painted! I have a piece that is very similar (right down to the broken glass in one door!) and this would be absolutely YUMMY! It has a pull out counter-top but nothing I could use the gold on (sigh!)

  • This is very nice.
    I just inherited my Mother’s china cabinet/hutch. It is similar to this one, but with 3 full length (4′ high) glass panes with one being a door, consuming the entire top piece. The bottom piece reaching about 2′ high. It was beautiful back in the day but now looks very dated. Not a clue what to do with it. :(

  • This is so beautiful. It has inspired me to do something similar to this for my entertainment center. Did you add the gold after you painted the whole project or first. I’m using a dark color. Thank you