before and after

before & after: chevron wall + bedroom redo

by Kate Pruitt

When we posted Evita’s studio makeover last August, I was immediately drawn to the pale neutral palette with a few sprinkles of dramatic dark tones and bold colors. I was very excited to see that Evita designed her bedroom in similar hues and that she added a monochromatic chevron wall. The pattern is such an incredible addition to this space, and I love the subtle shift in color. Great job, Evita! — Kate

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Read more about Evita’s chevron wall and bedroom makeover after the jump!

Time: 3 days

Cost: $150

Basic Steps: We realized after we started painting that the builders never primed the walls before applying the color selected by the previous, original owners. It took two gallons of the flat white. I now know that, when in doubt, prime! After finalizing the design, I set about taping the walls. I threw caution to the wind and totally eyed the lines rather than measuring everything. After I finished the first round of taping, I knew the blocks were too large to be painted with the gloss, so I added more strips of tape with uneven spacing, but didn’t like it. I pulled those off and decided to paint the larger blocks using an eggshell finish.

The pelmet was installed after the coats of flat went on the walls. When I took it down before the taping extravaganza, the temperature shot up 5 degrees within a half an hour! More on that project can be found here.

My advice is to have patience and have fun with what you’re doing. Be open to the possibility that it may not be exactly how you originally envisioned, and allow yourself to experiment with what you have. You may just end up with something you’re far happier with! Oh, and if it’s something that requires taping, always overestimate how much you’ll need! — Evita

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