before & after: birdcage chandelier

Jesyka’s second project for the day is a very unusual way to use a birdcage, but once you see it, I think you’ll agree that more birdcages should be put to use in this way. I would never think to turn a birdcage into a ceiling light, but as Jesyka’s example proves, there are many great benefits to the design, including the ability to easily switch out the bulbs. It’s such a neat idea, and the best part is that almost every piece was left over from Jesyka’s wedding, so the entire project cost only $5! Great job, Jesyka! — Kate

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Time: 45 minutes

Cost: $5 (for hardware, birdcage was on hand)

Basic Steps: We attached hinges to connect the top and bottom part of the birdcage in order for us to attach the birdcage to the ceiling using L-hooks. This also allows us to change a light bulb if need be! We used floral wire, nylon string and jewelry eyehooks to make the birds “float” in the cage.

When I was first thinking of this project, I was stuck for maybe a half hour on how exactly I was going to get it up onto the ceiling, and how I was going to attach the two pieces together but still have the light bulb accessible. My best advice is to keep thinking about a solution to your problem until you have one! If you really want to make something happen, you will find a way. :) — Jesyka


Where did you find that bird cage. So beautiful!


I like the chandelier very much. I would however omit the birds inside the cage. I cringe thinking about the little guys, although fake, roasting under the hot lightbulb. Perhaps I would have a couple perched on the outside for playfulness in a baby’s room? Overall lovely and creative reuse! I might try this someday with leftover lanterns I have from my wedding.

Jazz K

This idea is brilliant! Does anyone have ideas how to do this without drilling holes in the ceiling? I love the concept but we will be renting for a long time still and holes aren’t allowed.


I love birdcages :D they look so cute, and for the shabby chic go perfect !! this idea its unique :O


That’s brilliant! I use mine to bring white iced cupcakes to the table at dinner parties in the garden, but once that’s got boring I know what to do with it!

Alyssa G

This is absolutely breathtaking! I love birdcages and unusual light fixtures! I love the innovation this involved! Great job!


I can’t say that I love this. It’s quite bulky and the light is definitely much too bright in there!

Christine Elliott Designs

I looooove this and I actually recreated it for my home office. However I used a birdcage that top doesn’t hinge open. So now if I want to change a light bulb or anything I have to squeeze my hand through this little tiny door…. so if your going to try this at home get a hinged top cage!

aunt mim

that is with out a doubt, one of the clevest redos I’ve seen in a long time! Waste not…want not! love it and only wish I had some plave to have it here.


While I love the idea, I’m a little curious as to how you would make that work for a room.


Really really want to do this with our wedding birdcage. Over our dining room table. Love it!


Resoration hardware must love your idea as well. They came out with a whole line of birdcage chandeliers! Great job!

Diane E. Costa

i love fresh ideas and this one is truly unique!!!!!!!!!! have been dabbling in homedecor for a many years and appreciate the adventurous ideas of today’s offerings!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte Valletta

Love this idea, I have that birdcage and was going to get rid of it till I seen this, great idea.!!! Love this site as it has so many ideas.!!


I feel like doing this at this very moment! I’m so excited! It’s going to be gorgeous!


Love this idea! I have a birdcage that I wanted to repurpose for a light fixture, and couldn’t figure out how to get the most light with a small wattage bulb. How ingenious to flip the cage!!!! awesome!