altered perspectives

Leslie at Swarm is always involved in the most interesting projects. The latest is an amazing series called “Altered Perspectives” with Little Owl. The goal of the project is to combine two unexpected objects (like these paintings and transferware) to create a new scene. I love the Dutch landscape paintings above and below — they juxtapose the blue and white plates so well and make for a really interesting contrast in textures. You can see more of these pieces online at Little Owl right herexo, grace

Bev Weidner

OOO this is like looking at those posters where the image appears!

Well, not really, but I LOVE these sets. Amazing.


I love blue china so I have a problem with cutting these perfectly fine plates up. It just doesn’t make sense. At all. These are collectibles, for heavens’ sakes!


Does anyone know the approx. pricing of these sets? I imagine it’s well over my budget…


Is the canvas cut up and glued to the plates? I can’t quite figure it out.


I gasped when I saw this! As a collector of blue china, I see this attempt at “art” as nothing more than reckless desecration. WHY would you deliberately ruin something so lovely?