a little macramé

Last weekend, as part of my never-ending battle against the sun (why aren’t you working, SPF60?), I headed into Williamsburg’s modern jewelry mecca, Catbird, to look at their sunhat selection. Once in the store, I ran right past the hats and over to this little neon macramé planter. I don’t see an end in sight for my neon obsession but paired with macramé? Pretty awesome. The planters are made by Brooklyn artist Melanie Jelacic. If you have questions or would like to order one of these neon beauties, email Catbird right here. — Amy A.


too cute! a big step up from ’70’s hippie macrame. love the pink! modern and retro all in one.

grown-up shoes

How fun! I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a little macramé to my life lately. It’s vaguely 70’s and unexpected in a way that really gets me going.


This is so ironic! I’ve been teaching myself macrame for the past week thinking to myself “I bet it’s going to make a comeback!” and HAH! Design*sponge, you got it!


As old school as macrame may be, these look so current. Not at all like the fussier version of the past.


Loving my mom even more right now for teaching me macrame as a kid…

Michelle @ If Toys Could Talk

Never in a million years would I think I’d find myself putting the words “cute” and “macrame” in the same sentence… yet here I am thinking that those little planters are super cute. Great find!


Those are really cool! I have so many potted succulents in my office, with not nearly enough available surfaces. I should totally hang them with some groovy/modern macrame!

crowd SPRING

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I would love to take a macrame class in Brooklyn but can’t find one offered anywhere. If anyone hears of one or would like to teach a class, please holla back. I’d be happy to organize a group!