zodiac embroidery kit

It’s funny how your friends’ interests can start to rub off on you after a while. I’ve always been an astrology cynic, but Amy’s interest in signs has started to intrigue me. I may not be rushing out to get a reading any time soon, but I am into these DIY zodiac embroidery kits from Miniature Rhino. They’d be a great gift for the astrology lover in your life or just a fun, unexpected birthday surprise. Click here to pick up a kit on Etsy ($15). xo, grace (aka, Gemini with a Libra rising)


Love it! I’ve recently gotten into embroidery (mostly song lyrics and flowers), but this is a terrific idea. And with some internet print outs and creativity, you can easily make your own patterns!


Gemini with Libra rising — Approaching life as a balancing act between your two twins, the cynic and the believer! :) Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And I love these, of course!!


so fun…I’ve been wanting top start embroidering again…i guess this will be the kit to start me off! Great find!