world’s smallest post office: home kit

Lea Redmond’s “The World’s Smallest Post Service” project is one of my favorite outside-of-the-box business ideas ever. Every year I use her tiny mailing services for holiday surprises and love hearing from people who are blown away by opening up such a tiny package to receive a miniature letter they read with a magnifying glass. Lea recently teamed up with Chronicle Books to create a home kit version of her Berkeley-based postal service, so now you can create your own tiny letters using tiny stamps, stickers and packing materials. If you’ve ever wanted to send someone a “just because” letter this would be the perfect way to do it. The novelty of the miniature letters never wears off for me, and it’s such a great excuse to sit down, focus on something small and special and send it off to someone you love. Click here to check out the full kit and order online ($22.95) xo, grace

Emma Dickie

This is so unbelievably cute! Sending mail seems to have been replaced by the internet, but nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a teeny tiny parcel!


I adore this service. I used it last year to send a tiny package to my niece that said: “You’re as cute as a button!” with a teeny button inside. I will definitely be purchasing one of these kits!


THIS is AMAZING. i would love to do more with packaging….but really…buying all that twine, tag stuff and everything separately just seems like so much to think of and keep track of…i’m not really gifted with the art of package design anyway. this is brilliant. making me want to send some packages ASAP.


Ouch. There is so many levels of wanting this we dont know where to start! Cute!


Wonderful! I’ve sent these packages to others before, so I’m very excited to see there is now a DIY kit. Everyone loves miniature mail!


So, maybe packages are different than letters, but last time I tried to send tiny letters (about 2″x4″) they were returned because the envelopes were too small to process. How big are these? And is there a way to get around the size requirement?

Grace Bonney

hi wendy

they need to be sent inside a larger envelope, i’ve always received mine within something larger that you open like a present within a present ;)



I have long wanted to send one of these but never got around to it. Maybe the kit is the way to go. It’s so cute – thanks for sharing, Stephie x

PS I am STILL waiting to be told I need glasses! It’s been a very long time and everyone else around me seems to have them, even my 5 year old nephew!


I cannot believe there is a kit for it now. YES!! Thanks so much for posting this. This is a buy I will not feel shopper’s guilt for spending on. :)


This is great for creating messages left behind by the “tooth fairy” or a tiny package with a dollar inside …