wimbledon final in paper form

by Grace Bonney

I don’t normally repost something that’s been around the web already, but this video is too cool to miss. Bryan Ku is a graphic design student in California who recreated the 2008 Wimbledon final between Nadal and Federer in paper form. The video flips back and forth between two hands holding notebook pages that show where the ball was hit and what the score was. Combined with actual player/game noises and crowd cheering, it’s such a clever final product. Just click play above to watch. xo, grace

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  • Grace, Thanks for posting this. I do not watch tennis too often, but this was unbelievably clever. Bryan Ku is thinking out of the box-I will be sending this on to some avid tennis fans I know. Love the new format, too. Thanks.

  • Either I am stupid or maybe just tired. But after watching 20 years of tennis, I believe that when the score is DEUCE, you serve from right to left… and reverse when it’s ADVANTAGE.
    And there are more mistakes. See on the very first point where Nadal’s serve lands, according to the artist.
    otherwise a great piece of art. Congrats!