weekly wrap up + jessica helgerson design

At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say that there isn’t a Jessica Helgerson-designed house that I don’t want to immediately move into. From the first home I posted of hers (still my favorite space ever) to this new home (the “Brush Prairie” home in southern Washington), I’m a complete and total JHID super fan. She has a way of creating spaces that bring the outdoors in and celebrate the sort of clean, open views I covet in modern homes. If I ever come into a surprise fortune, I plan on buying a big treehouse of space and letting her have at it for the design. I’d love to curl up on this couch and stare out at the yard. All that green is endlessly calming and refreshing. Click here to see more of Jessica’s work online. I’m hoping to meet her and her team in person today, so if you see an embarrassing amount of online shrieking at the D*S Twitter feed, that’s why. [Photos above and below by Lincoln Barbour]

I’m heading out to see more of Portland today, and then tomorrow, it’s off to the blogging classes at the Ace. I’ll be back in Brooklyn by Sunday, though, and blogging from home on Monday. Thanks to everyone who’s walked up to introduce themselves in SF and Portland so far. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to meet readers/designers/enthusiastic locals in any town — it makes me feel instantly at home and welcome. Thank You. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

More photos of the Brush Prairie home continue after the jump…

Image above, in Jessica’s words: “The dining table is a thirteen foot long, five inch thick slab of reclaimed acacia wood, with a natural woven chandelier that is similar in color and feeling to the Hans Wegner wishbone chairs that surround the table. The abstract paintings, a series entitled ‘momentum,’ are vermillion ink on pale grey vellum by Portland artist Heather Watkins.”

Image above, in Jessica’s words: “The den offers a counterpart to the open and airy great room. It is dark, cozy and comfortable with a plush silk velvet sofa and curtains all in the same shade of deep grey as the walls. The art piece in the den was designed by JHID designer Emily Knudsen and screen-printed here in Portland. It includes dates, initials, and places of significance to the clients.”


oh my word, her work is to die for. i will never forget the house y’all posted of hers from nw portland with the love-em-or-hate-em cut out mirrors in the entry. personally, i loved them!

(although on a side note, probably no need to put brush prairie in quotes. i assume the home is located in brush prairie, a sleepy little town about 30-40 minutes outside portland. it is my hometown and i am a bit flabbergasted that something so hip resides there now!)

Rosemary on the TV

When we bought our house, the entire house was painted dark grey with grey ceilings and I immediately painted over it. I haven’t painted the master bedroom yet…but that DEN! Gorgeous. Maybe I’ll keep the grey and take some inspiration from Jessica.


I’m in LOVE with the chandelier! Where do I find one??!! Beautiful work, Jessica!

Rachel Jones

That woven chandelier is incredible! It blends so well with the chairs and the abstract paintings! I really love the blond wood look lately, it looks so modern and light.


i think it’s official, jessica helgerson designs my favorite interiors. her work is so inspiring!


hey! great spaces! also want to say that i love the look of your blog. used to looking in reader, but it looks amazing! xx


i fell in love with all of the branches placed in glass containers from the first house tour. And here they are again!! Love, love, love. Where can I find these glass containers?


Beautiful. Bruns: Brush Prairie is in quotes because that’s the name of the project if you’re looking at it/for it on Jessica Helgerson’s website. Usually architects/designers name their projects to categorize them. Hope that’s helpful.

Penny Ann Keller Herring

Jesse and Jessica, if you are reading this ladies… I have designsponge on my blogroll…. saw this first photo and I knew it was you! Can’t beat “crisp and clean and natural” : ) !
Great job…miss you!

Maryam in Marrakech

I love her work! She has bought Moroccan carpets from me for her clients. In fact, we just shipped one out a couple weeks ago! So beautiful!


I LOVE the woods applied in deccoration! It gives such a feeling of confort and cosyness!


I’m looking for a white leather couch like that…any way you can post a site for where to get it?

Krystabel Djajalie

Warmth is very important in a home. And i think you’ve bullseyed warmth to my eyes with your style. Every item and little ornament hangin around are where they should be. I need to learn from u!


wow. now I have clear how i want my house designed! beautiful layout from what we can see!


this home is fresh air personified. and i want to breathe deeply.


Wow… It’s been a long time since I came here to visit your site. It looks awesome!!
I always read it in my google reader. It’s a nice surprise. It’s a pity that I never saved a screen of the other design. :(


I also like the mixture of feminine/masculine. The dark, strong woods with the delicate light, soft accents.


This is a rare instance in which there is not one single thing I’d change in any of these rooms. They are beyond perfection. WOW!

Katie (Australia)

I love how Jessica always uses a bit of greenery in her interior designs. Really makes the place look alive.


I think the ample use of windows, outside greenery does wonders for the psyche. I almost think you don’t have to go outside as much as when you have that kind of light inside a home.


This is an really great work done. A lot of creativity has gone into it. Just wish could see an fireplace some place.

Zsa Zsa

This home’s got Jessica H. written all over it, love it to bits! Sigh. Would love to live here!


I drive by her Portland house everyday and worship it from the drivers seat. SHE IS SO GOOD. I agree- best ever.


This house is breath-taking! The colour palette is gorgeous and the textures in the space are awesome! Great post :)


Jody, thank you for sharing a link to our site for the Bamboo Cloud Chandelier (http://www.17thandriggs.com/bamboo_cloud_chandeliers.aspx). I’m so very happy that you love it! (I would love to see pictures if you have a chance to email me through our website.)

Jessica Helgerson is an inspirational designer and it is a compliment that she chose to use the Bamboo Cloud Chandelier in this gorgeous home. Beautiful job throughout, Jessica!

cindy vogt

Where did the white leather sofa come from? My husband wants something just like it. I live in San Francisco