warm & toasty

It may be hot and muggy here in Brooklyn, but last week in Portland, it was cool, misty and perfect for long-sleeved shirts. As much as I love a hot, sticky summer (and weirdly, I do), it was nice to get a break and wrap myself in warmer fabrics.

While Amy and I were walking downtown, I was tempted by these cold-weather-appropriate laptop and eyeglass cases from The Good Flock. The red plaid felt perfect for Portland, but I decided to wait until the book tour when I have an excuse for travel-related shopping. If you’ve got some traveling coming up and need a little extra cushion on your phone, iPad, laptop or eyeglasses, you can pick up all of The Good Flock’s work (made from Pendleton wool) right here for $29 to $109 each.*

*I saw these in person at Canoe, but they’re not on the site right now. If you’re local, you can pick them up at Canoe on the front table by the register.


I like the bright plaid too…it makes this of winter also….and sewing up a plaid cape. Now if you had a clutch and a matching cape, it would be hard to for thieves to steal your stuff because they wouldn’t know where your cape ends and the clutch begins!


I hope to visit Portland soon…and I can’t wait for cooler weather…this makes me excited for fall!