vintage me oh my

I’ve always been a bit of a packaging nut, so when I discovered The Dieline I felt like I’d found my home away from home. So when I heard that Megan, their vintage packaging editor, had branched off to start her own blog devoted solely to vintage design I was even more excited. Vintage Me Oh My is Megan’s love song to all things vintage design, ranging from packaging and print to typography and film. While trying to keep myself awake through the jet lag last night I browsed all of Megan’s archives and loved how much inspiration she’d gathered in so little time. If you’re a fan of vintage type, packaging or just great design, this is a fantastic site to add to your radar. Click here to check it out- thanks, Megan! xo, grace


I’m such a packaging geek.
Thanks for this Grace, off to indulge


Love these… I remember those types of milk tops. They switched over to plastic some time ago. More practical, but just not the same.


I love this….I’m a design nut. FWIW, I’m fairly certain that the last graphic (With the Worcester, MA worked into it) is Spencerian Script, which was hugely popularly in the Victorian era, but virtually unknown. It’s so beautiful….you can take classes to learn how to do it. Totally worth it, would be beautiful on wedding invites, etc.


Love the dieline and love this! Funny how we have all these high tech tools to create beautiful graphics and so many of us, myself included, want to use it to recreate looks that were designed before the computer was even an idea.