top 15 tech gifts for fathers day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if your Dad is like mine, tech gifts are an essential. My biggest problem each year is finding out how to get something cool that he hasn’t already gotten for himself. Shopping for early-adopters can be incredibly tough. But Kate is coming to my rescue this year with a great roundup of her Top 15 tech gifts for Father’s Day over at MyLifeScoop. From watches and computer gadgets to bags and music accessories, her list is full of great ideas if you need a little help with next week’s holiday. Here’s to wonderful Dads…. xo, grace


Great assortment of Father’s Day gifts!! Love the new look Grace!

Art by Karena

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Harriet Sand

Some inspired ideas, including the wooden earphones, brilliant. Not entirely sure what number 2 is — looks very manly though.

Anna Palmer

Mostly want to comment on the look of the blog. Love it. Love all of your suggestions. In this post the clock pops…and the urban ears have made my life beter.


Thank you Grace!!! The Men Heritage gift guide is great inspiration. My pops loooves to cook and I never once thought of getting him some decadent kitchen gear!!

Nellene Wiley

I have the perfect gift idea for Jess, especially if your dad likes to cook! Check it out: Also my dad just bought me the coolest tea pot at Moma’s gift shop (Museum of Contemporary Art) in San Francisco. It’s the bomb! It’s called the cork tea pot. You can buy it on line, my dad did. If your dad drinks tea this could be the winner too. I vote #4 for tech savvy guys though. :)


My Dad is a little behind the times, but I’m sure he’d love these gifts all the same… Don’t worry, I’m working on catching him up! I wrote a few funny tips for Father’s Day on the Elfster blog: . Would love to hear your thoughts :)


You’re welcome. I can’t tell you how many people have given that gift now and tell me what a hit it was!!