the sound of your morning: can’t get you out of my head

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The last few weeks of have been a blur of tagging, coding, and de-bugging. So much so that music was sadly the last thing on my mind. My head felt like the picture above, except that instead of words and lyrics all I could see was HTML and the thousands of posts I’d yet to tag or mark with a new thumbnail image. Thankfully the bulk of the redesign work is behind us and my brain is ready to be filled with music of all kinds. Normally I’d tuck myself away with my laptop and go through my trusty “favorites” list on iTunes, but my laptop is still being nursed back to health at Tekserve so I’ve been checking out other sources of music online. I’ve always been more of a single rather than album girl (I have a really short attention span) so it’s been fun to flit around from track to track on blogs, Youtube and MySpace pages getting a little taste of new bands here and there. However, it’s lead to me listening to a ton of über-catchy songs that were designed to permanently wedge themselves into my brain. So now I need to get them out.

Summer is always the time when “summer jams” gets stuck in your head and refuse to retreat, so I thought I’d share mine in hopes of exercising these catchy-music demons. Maybe they’ll become a new favorite for you, or maybe you can just groan along with me at how often we’re getting these choruses stuck in our collective mind. But because I’m a glutton for musical punishment, I’m dying to know what’s stuck in YOUR heads. I can’t resist a hooky chorus, so if you have something kicking around in your brain, please feel free to share a link (Youtube, Myspace, iTunes) in the comment section below so we can all dive in. Maybe one person’s “Get this out of my head!” will be another’s “Play it again!”. xo, grace

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home. This song played at our friends’ wedding and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since. I find myself waking up with the phrase, “Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa” stuck in my head on a regular basis.

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (NSFW). This song has been stuck in my head and the majority of the lyrics are not something I should be singing loudly in public. But the line “B*&$%, you ain’t no Barbie, I see you work at Arby’s” makes me laugh every time.

*The preview thumbnail feature on D*S is still acting up, so be sure to click “read more” below to watch/listen to the full list of six songs after the jump.

Futurebirds- Wild Heart. Amy has been responsible for this being stuck in my head for months now. This was her spring song in a BIG way. Now I can’t get it out of my head. Argh. This video is the best audio recording of the song (a Stevie Nicks cover) but the picture drives me nuts, so maybe just close your eyes and listen?

The Trucks- Shattered. This has been out forever but has managed to climb back out and get stuck in my head again. When the beat finally kicks in around 00:50 I find it impossible to not jump up and down the living room like an idiot.

Adele- Rolling in the Deep. Her voice is just amazing. My voice? Not so much. But does that stop me from belting out the chorus in the shower on a weekly basis? Nope.

Carrie S.

Ahhh! LOVE seeing The Trucks in this list. Faith (the bassist) and I are friends from college, and it was so awesome to see her in a band that kicks so much…well, you know. :) Miss you, Trucks.


I’ve been listening to a lot of latin music, especially bachata. I made a radio station on Pandora with Don Omar and Shakira (her spanish stuff- much better than the english releases) and it’s fun upbeat music. As long as you don’t mind it being in Spanish :)


Great list! For indie listeners/lovers, these have been stuck in my head the past few months:

Blinking Pigs, little dragon:

Pumped Up Kicks, foster the people:

Train Song, feist + ben gibbard:

Sing Again, chris walla:

Coin Laundry, lisa mitchell:


Great list, Grace! I can’t stop playing “Rolling in the Deep.” And I love that you dig that Kreayshawn song.

Have you heard of Mara Hruby? I think you might like her sound. Her EP of covers is soulfully sweet:

Emily Elizabeth

fun songs! i’ve been listening to “my name is mathias” by the burning hell, a fun canadian band. i went hiking in april and had this song stuck in my head for most of it – especially the lines “one day i might get hit by a bus or get cancer / but right now all i am is a fabulous dancer / so dance with me baby / put your hands on my hips / kiss my aforementioned kissable lips”
fun fact: you can listen to a ton of canadian music on this website, it’s good for times when your computer is in the shop!


gucci gucci louie louie fendi fendi prada! i am so excited to have this song in my head today.


I am obsessed with “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros! The entire album is great!

Kelly (Let's Die Friends)

There’s a band called Abe Vigoda who also does a version of “Wild Heart” and it’s cool because all the versions sound sooo different from each other.

I like the Edward Sharpe song, but I am tired of seeing it quoted. I’ve never heard Kreayshawn, but I must admit I was kind of liking it! It’s definitely not my usual style, though.

Unfortunately I usually end up getting the most ridiculous songs stuck in my head, like the theme from Beverly Hills Cop, or songs from my kid’s toys: “Pull the pony round and round, you’re carrying a fuuulll load. Load the blocks up and pull them out and roll on down the rooo-oad!”

Annie Campos

omgersh…is that Kreayshawn song for real??!!? i am thinking it’s a parody or something.

i love these music posts Grace! my favorite band of the moment is Grouplove ♥


Love the song Home. My son introduced me to it several months ago. It is my ring tone and it makes me smile every time I hear it!


The first time I ever heard “Home” was in a NASCAR documentary! I’ve also heard it at a Florida Marlin’s game. I guess the sports world can’t get enough of it.

Lately I’ve had Smith Westerns stuck in my head. I’ve listened to the Dye It Blonde album almost nonstop for several months! “Weekend” and “Dance Away” are a few of my favorites.


Grace, I seriously love you for including “Gucci Gucci” this week! Maybe now I will be able to get it out of MY head!


This entire album is amazing, I will be listening to it for years to come. The Head and the Heart.


pretty sure i am going to leave a tab open with this page for…weeks. and thanks for sharing more tunes, fellow commenters! i have been dying for some new music.


Kreayshawn makes me feel like an idiot. I love it.


The new look is fantastic, so worth the jumble of technical phrases in your head. Hope your lap top feels better soon. Love today’s post, so cheery!

Allie Peach

Love this! Thanks so much for the new music :)
I always get “Australia” by The Shins stuck in my head during the summer!

Erin Abbott

I’m really so glad to see Sounds of Your Morning back. Great post Grace! I can’t wait to get some new songs suck in my head.


I live in Oakland, and my husband works for the Boys & Girls Club. To stay up to date on his job he looks up ‘hip’ Oakland songs almost every week. It’s going to be awesome to show him this. Also, now I know why there are no San Francisco city guides! Had no idea you all were so close.

Gordon Phillips

Just found this in my Google reader and I see my productivity declining for the next hour as I surf the comments too. Plus Google left the Les Paul Doodle up an extra day. Oy. Thanks for this, I was hooked right away with Gucci Gucci.

tasha roe

i think that was the first time i’ve ever heard “ovaries” in a rap song. lol

Audur Akadottir

Our friends played Home at our wedding last summer. Two of our friends were making a speech and suddenly they all started to whistle and sing.
It was so amazing and completely unexpected. They had practised for months in secret.
My sister caught some of it on video, thankfully: