d*s book

the design*sponge book is available for pre-order!

by Grace Bonney

Gold leaf cover illustration by Julia Rothman. Book design by ALSO.

I have been waiting for this day longer than I can possibly describe. While trying to find the perfect words to sum up this entire experience and project, I ran through a wide range of emotions: excitement, nervousness, fear, relief, exhaustion and complete and utter joy. There are quite simply no perfect words to sum up the experience of writing Design*Sponge’s first book than to say this: After two years of hard work, Design*Sponge at Home is available for pre-order!

Today, I am thrilled to share the first of many sneak peeks inside the book, the new book landing page (where you can find links to buy the book and see our 30-city book tour calendar) and last but not least, the Design*Sponge at Home book trailer. Before we dive in, I wanted to say something I’ve wanted to say for over a year now:

This book not only gave me the pleasure of working with people in the design and publishing industry that I’ve admired for years, but it gave me the true honor of getting to work more closely with my own team here at D*S — a gift for which I will be eternally grateful. If there is one thing that moves me the most about this project, it is how aware it made me of the amazing people who generously share their time, talents and friendship with all of us here at the site. I am so grateful for their help. Without them, this book quite simply wouldn’t have happened.

So, what have we been working on for the past few years? For me, this is the book I’ve been wanting to write, and read, forever. I wanted to go beyond pretty pictures (although we have over 600 of those) and create a book that gave you everything: practical ideas, mini history lessons about your favorite decorative objects, primers for DIY skills and real-life inspiration that you can take home with you. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 400 pages of inspiration + practical skills to help craft your dream home
  • 65+ home tours (with history + decorating tip sidebars)
  • 50 DIY projects (organized by difficulty, price and time)
  • An illustrated DIY workshop to teach you all the basics, from upholstery to rewiring
  • 50 Before & After projects (with tips for identifying valuable furniture)
  • A floral workshop to teach you the basics of arranging + 20 example arrangements
  • A huge resource section full of our favorite places to shop, order and salvage

The trailer below will give you a quick tour through all 400 pages of Design*Sponge at Home.

Filming the book trailer above was one of the most enjoyable two-day projects I’ve ever tackled. And it’s all because of Ryan Marshall. When we asked for suggestions of a videographer to work with, the heartfelt endorsements he received made our choice a no-brainer. Ryan is not only immensely talented, he’s also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He made sitting outside in freezing weather seem painless, and he made a video that really captured the spirit we were hoping to create with the book. Bottom line? Ryan rules. As if we weren’t lucky enough to work with Ryan, Ryan’s friends, the incredibly upbeat and toe-tapping band Rabbit!, wrote a song just for our book trailer. I’ve never had anything made just for us like that, and it was one of the greatest gifts we received during this book process. So a very special thank you to Rabbit! for creating a song that kept our moods light and happy during the entire filming.

After the jump, I’ll share the first peeks of homes, projects and makeovers featured in the book. More will come every week from now until September, but today, I’m sharing some of my favorites.

Let’s start with the cover of the book! I’m going to do a post on the evolution of the book cover (we went through over 25 designs) next week, but here is the final result. A room illustration (it wraps from an unfinished room on the back cover to a finished room on the cover) by Julia Rothman that is done in beautiful gold foil. It’s hard to capture with a photo, but in person, it’s got such a rich glimmer that I keep tipping it back and forth to watch it shine in the light. I’ll go into more detail about the book design by ALSO in a future post . . .

Sneak Peeks!

We have over 65 in the book, the vast majority of which are unpublished, so they’ll be brand new to everyone reading. Keeping those under wraps for over 1.5 years was definitely a challenge. Each home tour is accompanied by a sidebar that contains design history about an item in the room, shopping tips, decorating tips or even a floral arrangement (with a how-to later in the book) inspired by the room.

Here are a few of my favorite home-tour shots from the book:

DIY Projects

The DIY section of the book contains 50 projects (the majority of which are unpublished and brand new) covering a range of skill levels and budgets. I’ll go into more detail about this section (and all sections of the book) in the coming weeks. The DIY chapter also contains a HUGE primer section that will teach you ALL the basics of home upholstery as well as how to strip and paint furniture, hang wallpaper and rewire lamps. I wanted you to be able to see something and then flip to that section to get all the basic tools and skills you need to make it yourself. Here are some of my favorite projects from the book:

Before & Afters

This section starts with an illustrated guide to spotting high-quality furniture — as well as clear signs of knock-offs. I wanted to address the controversy that often comes with making over vintage/antique furniture and give people as many tools and details as possible to help them make educated decisions about whether or not to paint. There are 50 projects (all reader submitted!) in this section, the majority of which have never been published before (all new). Here are two of my favorites . . .

More . . .

I’ll be doing posts on everything from the book design and photoshoots to deeper looks at each section in the coming weeks. But for now, I wanted to give you the basic information on the book and share the book trailer.

You can find all the basic info (including links for pre-order) on the new D*S Book Home page (there’s a link to it in the navigation bar on the home page now).

The book page also has a calendar for book tour dates, which I’ll post about separately. The dates/cities are in there, but the locations and RSVPs won’t be up until later this summer. If you want to save the date for your city, we’ll be adding more cities — namely Philly and cities outside of the US — soon . . .

[PS: the official in-store date (when you can find it in person) for the book is September 13th]

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  • The trailer looks great, really well done! I’m sure people will be even more excited for hte book after seeing this.

  • congratulations grace! the trailer really sets this apart. puts a really personal touch to what could have become just another design book release… the book looks simply amazing

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  • Wow! The book looks incredible! I’m so impressed by how much you were able to pack in there… the resource guide, diy projects, home tours, before & afters… what an incredible resource we’ll all have now. Congratulations. And the video by Ryan is amazing, I’ve already watched it a few times :)

  • So great! The trailer is awesome and cannot wait to get the book! Congratulations!

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    It’s always so inspiring to follow your journey. Well deserved!

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  • So happy for you & your team Grace…it is beautiful! Also very glad to hear you’ll be coming to Philly! :)

  • I know I am going to have so much fun reading this! Definitely top of my list, congratulations.

  • Oh Happy Day!

    Grace, this has been a long time coming, congratulations. If the book is like anything else you do, it’ll be amazingly successful.

  • Congratulations Grace! This looks fabulous! I’m especially looking forward to the DIY skill instructions. What was your favorite part of the book-writing process? Any advice for future writers?

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  • What an accomplishment! Kudos to you and your team on a book that looks absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to see it in person. :)

  • ds has always been a great inspiration for me–i’ve been reading the blog every day for years, and is it strange to say i’m proud of you?! watching your taste and style mature, the website grow…congratulations, grace!

  • Congrats, Grace. I can’t wait to read it! And it’ll be just in time, too… We’re moving to a new home in a few days and I have so many projects for the new place that I want to do. I think this book is going to make them all the more fun and possible!

  • Congratulations! A website redesign and a new book within months of each other is beyond impressive. The book looks amazing and Julia Rothman’s illustration is killer as always. Love the cover concept and how it relates to the content.

  • GRACE! Wowzers to it all – the content, the cover, the trailer (off-the-charts cute) and to getting to see it all grow from the very beginning. Very excited for all of you. Congratulations!

  • I have the same color shown in the bedroom with the horses in my dining room! I just love that coral color of the bed frame! I think I’ll be on the hunt for some curtains with the same shade :)

  • YAY! it’s already on my Amazon wishlist, can’t wait. I hope that it will be available in Germany in September as well. Will keep my fingers crossed. And the trailer is so cute… CONGRATS!!!

  • Wow! I’m blown away! I knew your book would be amazing, yet it covers so many topics that I’d love to have in a book on my shelf! I love that even though I get spoiled with the daily content here at d*s, you leave me still wanting more! To have this version unplugged will be incredible! Thanks for all of your hard work! That book tour looks exhilarating and exhausting! )

  • Love you Grace. What an AWESOME video and the book looks beautiful! Your philosophy and attitude are inspirational. It’s nice to hear from someone who is really genuine, not faking it, like the other decorate(ing) blogs out there. ;)

  • I saw this book at BEA (publishing trade show) in New York and died a little bit when they wouldn’t let me buy it. I mean, yeah, I know it isn’t out yet and all that, but I. Wanted. It. So I will definitely be getting a copy. Congratulations!

  • What happened to book tour dates in Europe? I thought they were mentioned at some point, but it could have wishful thinking.

  • GAHHHHHH!!! The trailer is AWESOME. You must be over the moon. Are you coming to the UK for the book tour?! This is so exciting. Congrats and CAN’T WAIT to hold the book in my own hands.

    • thanks so much everyone! :)

      we are coming to the uk next spring, as well as australia and most likely paris. will update those dates later this fall :)


  • This book is going to rock for so many reasons! The trailer is amazing and adds such a personal touch, bravo!! Can’t wait to have Design Sponge at Home…at home, chez moi!

  • YAARRRR! So cute! I like the part where you’re walking outside. I imagine you being directed. “Now look to the left, great, smile, aaaand look to the right, kittens, unicorns, look up, aaaaand scene.”

    I can’t wait to own this book!

  • So excited! Beautiful job Grace! Congratulations…I already have it in my amazon wishlist! and I see you’re coming to Atlanta! Woohoo!!

  • YAY!!! i’m so excited, just placed my pre-order on amazon!! thank you Grace (and team) for all you hard work bringing us this amazing project :)

  • Pre-ordered! Congrats!

    You should swing by Calgary, Alberta! You’d be most welcome!

    Love Holly

  • Super exciting, congrats to everyone – I know it was a huge undertaking. Now bring on that tour!

  • I’m thrilled for this book! Wish you were doing more stops in the midwest though… we here in the “flyover” states like design too! :)

    • abby

      we’re still finalizing a few more cities, but sadly we are financing a lot of this ourselves so we had to pick cities that had the largest numbers of d*s readers in them. i hope to add more cities, but 30 cities funded by a smaller publisher and an indie blog is a lot to pay for, so we’re doing our best :)


  • gorgeous! boy oh boy, I love the cover! can’t wait to have a copy on my coffee table! congratulations!

  • The book looks fantastic — as does the trailer. Congratulations, Grace!

    [P.S. I noticed the Dallas and Austin dates on the book tour calendar. Will a Houston stop be added to the itinerary? If so, I’ll be among the many Houston folks who’ll help spread the word about your visit.]

  • The book looks wonderful! I love the cover design and the trailer was pretty cute too. Looking forward to getting a copy this fall.

  • Congrats, Grace! The book and the trailer look awesome. I am glad you went with the more general “Design Sponge at Home” vs. an earlier working title about crafting at home. I’ve always thought DS’s and your scope were much wider and attractive than that. As an early reader of your blog, I came back again and again because of your awesome tastes, not necessarily the crafting (although those were inspiring to see). I am pre-ordering!

    • bobbie

      when you click on any of the book links, you’ll see the new book page load. on the right side of that page is a BIG section that says “buy the book” with links to 3 different places to pre-order. we’re not allowed to recommend one place to buy over another (publisher request) so we have to provide multiple links :)

      here you go (right side): http://www.designsponge.com/category/ds-book


  • congratulations! inspiring and exciting – cannot wait to get my hands on a copy this fall!

  • Bravo Grace and Ryan! The book (and trailer) look fabulous! Can’t wait to buy this as a resource. Great news!

  • Congratulations….I’m looking forward to getting your book and seeing all the new stuff, especially the sneak peeks.

  • Forward by Jonathan Adler – Not too shabby! Congrats to everyone at D*S!

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  • Congratulations, Grace! What an awesome accomplishment. The book trailer is fantastic and we can’t wait to be inspired by the pages of your NEW BOOK. So very wonderful!

  • The trailer is lovely and I look forward to holding the book. And to second a previous commenter, it would be great to see you in NM.

  • I have been following this site for a little under a year now. This is my everyday wake-up with a cup of coffee and afternoon inspiration. I just have to say how very excited I am for the book. And how much I really love Design Sponge! The trailer is so fantastic as well! Best of luck with the book, I’m definitely gonna have to get myself a copy.

  • i’m so happy for you, grace!
    that book trailer is phenomenal.
    i cannot wait to get this beautiful book in my hands.
    enjoy all the beauty that will come with this book and its publication!

  • I found your site via Ryan’s blog, which I am pretty new to also. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I never thought I would buy a design book with all of the resources available on the internet (I’m a SAHM and renter), but after watching your fun trailer, I am excited to go out and buy your book this September! You definitely pulled me in! I can’t wait to see what ideas I can glean from your book for our future owned-home!

  • i don’t usually watch book trailers, but yours was really well done. congrats & i’m excited for you to come to SF!

  • YAY Grace!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and SUPER excited to read the book!

  • Pre-ordered mine, I can’t wait for it to arrive!!! Congrats Grace! You did it!!!!

  • Congratulations on yet another project brought so thoughtfully, lovingly, vividly, and creatively to life. : ) This is all so great.

  • Congratulations, Grace and team! This is very exciting, and the book looks great. You are so cute in the video!

  • I just found you through Ryan and Cole over at PTPR and had to stop by and say congratulations! I could totally use a DIY primer in preparation for our first home purchase (whenever that ends up happening) You have just been wish-listed.

    Also? I love Rabbit! too. You got a good team for the video. :)

  • Such a great trailer! Congrats to Ryan and to Grace and the Design Sponge Team. I can’t wait for the book!!!

    • bec

      amazon and the others won’t ship? i know we have distrib in australia, so when it’s available for sale i’ll def. update the posts and links :)


  • Congratulations Design*Sponge!! Very excited for you all and very excited for me- to read it and add it to my collection of favourite books to hold and look through over a good cup of tea!! :)

  • Congrats Grace! A book well worth waiting for. On a side note, big props go out to Ryan for doing an amazing job on the video. I had to dude out and geek out over the videography.
    Good luck!

  • With my girlfriend and I both being big fans of Ryan’s photography (and writing) we were thrilled to watch this. Excellent, excellent work and we’re not the least bit surprised. But the best part was right when the video finished and our 7 year old son said, both exasperated and puzzled, “so . . . what? Does she design sponges or something?”

    We’ll work on that, but in the mean time, congrats to you on the book and to both you and Ryan on the video!

    • fishsticked

      lol. i had a few people say that at the book expo. it reminded me of when i first started the blog and had to explain it wasn’t about sponge painting. ;)


  • Congratulations! The book looks beautiful! It must be thrilling to see all the blood, sweat and tears come to fruition. I’ve added September 14 to my calendar. So looking forward to meeting you in Boston!

  • Congratulations Grace! I’m looking forward to reading my copy, it’s sure to hit the bestsellers list.

  • Wow! Congratulations Grace! Quite an accomplishment, well deserved. Publishing a book is a dream for me as well (although mine is of the fiction genre).

    I will definitely pre-order and am looking forward to adding your book to my library.

    Clink… raising my glass of prossecco to you…

  • Pre-ordered, and can’t wait! I’m so excited to see the culmination of such hard work, most especially as a long-time reader. You must be outside yourself with excitement!

  • Hooray! It’s wonderful times a million! The trailer is so perfect in every way! It really captured YOU! So happy for you…

  • Congratulations Grace and all at Design Sponge! The book looks amazing and I can’t wait to purchase it. I have to admit I’m mostly posting because I wanted to say how adorable you look in the book trailer-great outfits and great hair!

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  • Congrats Grace! The book looks incredible, the trailer is adorable and I can’t wait to have it in my hands! Already pre-ordered it!

  • The cover is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the effect the gold has against the light in person. And the book trailer is supercute and fun! Congrats to you, Grace, and the rest of the D*S team!

  • Seriously good job, Grace. I know how taxing the whole project was in moments, but I can tell it’s going to be totally worth it!

    You rock. :)

  • YES!!! Now my favorite blog will be my favorite book!! This is going to the TIPPITY TOP of my Christmas list!
    The book looks amazing, and so is the video! I’m a big blog follower of Ryan, too, and I’m SO happy two of my favorites came together like this!
    Congratulations on your big accomplishment, this has got to just feel great.

    love, rudi

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to buy it!!!! would it be available in argentinian stores?

  • ur highly blessed and talented… very excited for you and can’t wait to get my copy! :) here’s to bigger and more beautiful spaces to be discovered and created! :)

  • Good for you!!! I appreciate all you do and your genuine and sincere spirit which encourages success in each and every one of us!

  • Soooo fabulous! Congrats, Grace, to you and everyone who helped you make this dream come alive! Love the cover, the video and most of all that you’re coming to San Francisco as part of your tour. Can’t wait for details! Now enjoy the thrill…. you deserve it all!

  • Congratulations, Grace! This is an amazing achievement for you and everyone on the D*S team. High fives all around!

  • I can’t wait to read this book. We started fixing up our first house (a Victorian semi) in our twenties – awhile ago!!! I love how your book celebrates creativity and do-it-yourself skills. It’s empowering to inject your own personality into your space. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved.

  • I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! It’s on the Amazon.co.uk site & I’ll be pre-ordering… glad to hear that you’ll be announcing UK dates too!

  • Congratulations Grace! You are an inspiration, and I can’t wait to buy the book and give it as gifts to assorted friends. It looks fantastic!

  • Yay & Congratulations! The trailer and book look just wonderful. I’m looking forward to having my own copy and will be recommending this to all friends and family. Good on you, Grace.

  • Congratulations to you and your whole team! What an achievement. Wonderful job on the trailer and cover too. I am so excited to get my hands on a copy. Off to order it now!

  • Congratulations Grace! The book looks fabulous and I’m looking forward to adding it to my wishlist and gifting it friends & family at the holidays! Love the trailer, Ryan did a wonderful job – I’m in awe of his eye for caputuring realness in his work!

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  • The trailer is perfect and I can’t wait for the book! I have been telling all my girlfriends bout DS for a few years now it is the email that starts my day!

  • I’m gonna start saving for it now! And hope you have copies in my country too. :D
    Upholstering, rewiring, tools knowledge- all what I wanted!

  • Amazing video and the book will be amazing, too! Will it be available to be ordered to Europe too? I hope! :)

  • really enjoying your new site re-design + congratulations on your new book!!! it is so inspiring seeing/hearing all the wonderful things that have been happening with you + design*sponge! thank you for doing what you love, following your heart + showing the world that with hard work + dedication, great things can happen.

  • Congrats Grace! I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel – and scary! Just pre-ordered mine and am off to see if Toronto is on the list for tour dates!

  • Congratulations, Grace! And that trailer is so enjoyable to watch–if I didn’t know I wanted the book (which I do!!) I would after seeing that! Sold!!! How great is it that such talented people find each other to collaborate?!!! Cheers!!!

  • Fantastic…Congratulations…Even if I was n’t looking forward to seeing you book (which I am!) I would buy it…You have given me SO much pleasure and this seems like the smallest thing to do….and I will enjoy every page of it I am sure!

  • HA HA! Nearly had a coronary. I thought “surely” that your book tour would not omit Norfolk/Virginia Beach. We NEVER get book tours from anyone! Thanks for including us!

  • What a great trailer Ryan! And the book looks amazing. I will definitely get it. Well done you guys!

  • I am trying to watch the video but for some reason i can not fully view in my computer but so far the look sounds and looks great, like a very good source of info and ideas, well done Grace, I will see you when the book and you guys come to London next Spring!! All my support and congratulations from London.

  • I am so happy to have discovered your blog! Been reading it for almost 2 years now and look forward to it everyday! Congrats on the book- it looks beautiful! I will definitely be needing a copy of this! Best, Joanne

  • Awww, the baby’s finally here! Such a sweetie. Feel like a loving auntie. Have to have a copy right quick. Merry Christmas to ME! Thanks, Grace and a big congratulations to all the family at D*S.

  • Dear Family:

    You know how last year I said there was nothing I wanted for my birthday? Well, this year is different. This year Grace Bonney wrote a book. This year I would like that book. Please, pretty please, and thank you!

    Love, Me

  • Can’t wait to pick this up! And I can’t help but ask–could you share where the adorable silver velvety couch you sat on in the video came from?

    • hi orangette!

      that’s actually amy’s couch- she had it recovered and it’s featured in the book. the original upholstery was a tan color. i’ll ask her where she originally bought it :)


  • As much as I love reading your blog, I love the feel of a good book or magazine in my hands. I’m excited to get my own copy. Congratulations on this big milestone, Grace!

  • Congratulations Grace,
    I can only imagine how excited you must be.
    Loved the the trailer and can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

  • Coming in September? Well, oh my gosh, that’s when my Birthday is! Happy Birthday to me! and of course Congratulations to the D * Sponge greats

  • hey september’s my birthday too! now I know what I’m asking for. unless I just go ahead and buy it for myself. can’t wait.

  • Thankful to have been a little part of this book and really looking forward to owning and browsing it daily! Congratulations and much admiration
    Dorothée and Annabel

  • Do you ship out of the states?? I am from Chule 8South America) and I really really want it!

  • I was already excited about the book, but after watching the trailer, I can’t wait! I just pre-ordered mine.

  • CONGRATULATIONS, GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess you should know how thrilled we, your faithful readers, are! not as much as you, perhaps, but certainly happy with such success – may we always have more from you, someone ready to make the world better through beauty, simplicity and love. And everything looks just like you and the blog: beautiful, vibrant, brilliant and good-hearted. God bless all the projects made with love by people who do it with beautiful intentions! sorry for the English mistakes and many many kisses from Brazil!

  • congratulations grace! i came across your blog about 2.5 years ago and have been a big fan ever since. have just pre-ordered a copy of your book and am so excited for it’s arrival!

  • what a fun intro to your book grace. the music sets the mood perfectly! i am so excited to own a copy and hopefully meet you on your book tour!

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