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sneak peek: sarah sharpe

by anne

Graphic designer by day and illustrator/printmaker/doodler by night, Sarah Sharpe loves creating abstract patterns using conflicting colors and has a personal style expressed through bold textiles, vintage scarves and lots of color. While her day job for a large company does little to stimulate her creativity, she uses evenings at home to create a nice balance (screen printing is her next project, thanks to help from her dad). Living among Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Sarah shares her cozy apartment with her partner, Felix. He is from Sweden, so many Scandinavian influences make their way into their home’s decor. As always, I have a soft spot for small homes that prove style can come at any size. Thanks, Sarah! — Anne

Image above: My trusty Mac and a current textile I’m still configuring with one of my favourite tea mugs by Design House Stockholm. My partner is Swedish, and his lovely mother is always bringing beautiful mugs and crockery when she comes to visit.

Sarah’s Sydney home tour continues after the jump . . .

Image above: The bicycles on the balcony were my parents from the 1970’s. We thought they had been thrown out, however recently found them under my aunt and uncles’ house covered in cob webs. My dad helped me fix them up and I have since enjoyed many leisurely rides along Manly beach front. One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is to put on a big backpack and ride my bike to do the grocery shopping!

Image above: I picked up the trays on my last trip to Stockholm in Jan 2010. The large round one I bought at the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet). They have a really cool gift shop with beautifully designed books and homewares by Maria Dahlgren. And the smaller tray was a gift from my partner’s mum, which she bought at Design Torget (Design Square). The tray was created by Graphic Designer called Emelie Eek. I use them both all the time for tea and chocolate after dinner or even breakfast in bed!

Image above: The desk is a new addition to our apartment. I used to draw on the living room table, however grew tired of my partners constant banging on his keyboard. Now I have space of my own with nobody to bump me when I am drawing intricate patterns that require a very steady hand.

Image above: My crochet basket and old letterpress blocks. My nonna (Italian for grandma) recently taught me how to crochet, and I am obsessed. I picked up the letterpress blocks at the Surry Hills Saturday markets, which sell loads of cool vintage/second-hand everything!

Image above: My “mini” herb garden and bicycles.

Image above: The kitchen is probably the smallest room of the house, however has a lovely view of the sun setting. I love the deep blue tiles as they are a constant reminder how close I am to the beach.

Image above: Floor plan.

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  • I love the inclusion of a floor plan. So many times I can’t fit the disjointed pictures together into a coherent plan in my head. Please, Design*Sponge, encourage this!

    (Also this house is totally lovely.)

  • This has to be one of my favorite Sneak Peeks yet. I absolutely love Scandinavian design, and the touches in this home are spot on. The space has a great balance of comfort and style. Thanks for sharing!

  • The house doesn’t have a toilet :o
    Lovely balcony, it makes the room feel much bigger and airier.

  • I second Heebie-Geebie’s comment! Love seeing a floor plan to visualize the images and space at the same time :) Very cute place here. I really like seeing how people with small spaces utilize and decorate their space.

  • I can’t believe this! the stars, the way her desk’s organized, the rose pattern on the desk, the chair, the bicycle, the kitchen… all of them are soo me! ooh the bicycles… love this post! and like danielle said, I too think this one of the best sneak peaks! More like this!

  • I love the hanging stars by the curtains. I’m trying to make similar stars for a mobile with origami stars but can not get the look I want. I’m curious to know how those were made.

  • how did she make those stars!? i looked them up online but i couldn’t find any like that either.