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sneak peek: phoebe gazal

by anne

Between running her own graphic design agency and stationery store (Papier d’Amour) and maintaining her style blog, Phoebe Gazal keeps a busy schedule. Today, we travel to the holiday home that has been in her family for over 20 years. Just an hour drive from Sydney, it is where she and her husband have watched their three girls grow up, spending every summer there and numerous holidays, parties and celebrations — most recently, Phoebe’s 40th. Her home is glittered with memories in much the same way that she captures milestones and commemorations through the products in her store. Thanks so much to Phoebe for today’s beach getaway and to Georgia Moxham for the photographs! — Anne

Image above: This is my favorite bed — it is king size, bigger than our bed at home, and you step out in the morning onto the balcony that surrounds the upstairs level of the house. You can also hear the water lapping at night, which is a very soothing way to fall asleep.

Image above: Tallulah in her bedroom. I always encourage the kids to bring a few things from home to make them comfortable, and also so they have a nice place to go when they need some downtime after a busy day of activity.

Phoebe’s Sydney beach house continues after the jump…

Image above: We have had so many meals around this table — lots of happy times and some spirited family discussions. This painting is one of my favourite artists, Todd Hunter.

Image above: I love this mirror. It sits above the art deco fireplace and was made by one of my mum’s best friends.

Image above: My office away from home. When I am away, I am always in contact with the office and store, and it is important for me to still be inspired, feel comfortable and have pretty bits and pieces around me. I covered this memory board myself with a Marimekko fabric.

Image above: Adding colour to life is important, and this is one of my favourite pieces. This sideboard also houses a special family photo album. Every year, we take a photo of the extended family at the front of the house, and this album is like a record of the next generation growing up with us. It is fantastic to see the difference from year to year, especially when kids are little — one year can make a world of difference. In particular, I love coloured glass, and each piece reminds me of a trip or a place or a day that I acquired that piece. Each piece has a story to go with it. I look at my sideboard, and it tells a story of my life so far.

Image above: The blue shutters are a signature of the house. We can always be spotted from the water. The baskets are a fair trade product and hide the mess — I love them. We sell them in our store.

Image above: When we have people over, we like it to be fun and colourful and welcoming. This is a fantastic place to play cards and eat every meal. On a warm summer night, nothing beats it . . . we sit for hours in the candlelight talking and drinking wine.

Image above: The view from our house is amazing, and I can sit and look at Pittwater for hours.

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  • adore the baskets – and the relaxed beachy feel of this property. inspiring me to get a cocktail and sit on a patio asap.

  • hey again, i was looking for the baskets online in their shop – but i can’t find them? do you have the link – i’d love to pick some up! thanks!

  • I love the Wacky Wall Trophy in Tallulah’s bedroom. So sad Romp is closing (I’m assuming that’s where they got it from.)

  • Pittwater is such a gorgeous area and so close to Sydney. I wonder why any Sydneysider would contemplate getting on a plane to visit faraway resorts when they have this virtually on their doorstep. These happy images make me long for summer.

  • More beach houses for sneak peeks please! Or maybe a special vacation home feature. To me, a beach house reflects who the owner’s really are, or want to be. They are so much more REAL….never stuffy or museum-like. Always warm and welcoming. Not overly “designed”. ..just casual and comfortable. I’ll never be able to afford one but subscribe to magazines like Coastal Living and cruise similar websites and blogs for ideas so that I can make my full-time home at least look like one. I’m not famous, but come peak anytime. Bare feet welcome. :-)

  • I looked at the first sneak peek picture and knew it had to be Australia. It says everything about family. fun and summer holidays. How lucky are you!

  • I really like the baskets as well, can you get them online? Or do you have to go to the store in Sydney? How much are they as well?

  • I love your dining room and would like to know what paint color you used. I love the colors in your art and would like to use them throughout my home.

    Thank You,
    B.A. Woolf

  • I love this house! It is so perfect for a beach house. LOVE the shell mirror—and it is so special that her mum’s friend made it.